Does Social Media Cause Depression?

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Honestly, I’ve been a little frustrated since the past couple of weeks for my own personal issues. Who am I fooling? I’ve been feeling hopeless,and my work is the only thing keeping me happy right now. I’ve not been talking to my buddies much, have not been meeting new people either and well, I’ve separated myself from the entire world more or less.

A few days ago, one of my pals called to check in,and the other one messaged me on Facebook. Many people are worried that I might have fallen into depressive disorders. Read this again. I said I’ve separated myself from the entire world. But, how can my local friends know that I’m depressed? A couple of words. Social Media. You’re right. I did not forget to write my status and let every person know I’m going through the worst phase of my life. Most people have this habit. One of my friends advised that I should stop sharing such things or de-activate my account for quite some time. She knows that Facebook is actually adding onto my depressive disorders. What wise friends the Lord has endowed me with! That’s not ironic.

Warning signs of Facebook Depression

Excuse me, but this is exactly what psychiatrists are naming it, the ‘Facebook Depression.’ Scientific studies claim that there’s a new kind of melancholy on the block and you can pin the consequence on your social media accounts for it. However, I would say guilt yourself for spending a lot of time on them and updating the statuses on a regular basis. In either case, it is not a genuine medical condition; it’s kind of social-psychological condition that more people these days are susceptible to. If you ask me, I do believe they name it the Facebook Melancholy because Facebook is actually the most commonly used social media site. But, it comes down to every single social media website that you visit. Being politically correct, its technology evoked failure.

How Does Social Media Trigger Depression?

Most people have so much to talk about. You invest so much time to check out your social media accounts. Therefore, you naturally get significantly less face time with your buddies and more online time with everyone who’s online on the friend list. This, even more, demotivates people from hanging out and the lesser you get out, the more you will get stressed out. All things considered, man is actually a social pet. We should instead meet people in order to keep in touch and be a genuine part of the modern society.

All of us love being in the spotlight, even if we do not face it. If you do not have a lot of good friends or fans as compared to your real life ones, you will start taking that as a sign of your social interaction and judge yourself believing people don’t actually like you as much. So be practical in your offline life, leave your lounge suites sitting with your laptop and using social media sites all the time. Go outside with your friends and be a real social animal.


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