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If anyone asks, every month is fashion month for true fashionistas, but this particular time of year is a true treat for anyone who is eager to update their look and find new ways to express their unique self! 2018 has kicked off with a fantastic selection dominated by diversity in every sense, so there was no lack of imagination both on the part of designers, as well as brands doing their best to incorporate the latest lovely looks.

Hunting for the best street-friendly picks of the season? Keep reading to discover what everyone from stars to mere mortals will be rocking in the months to come, so that you can find your next timeless piece that resonates with your persona!

Details that pop


Wearing a rainbow makes it difficult to find that one item that will stand out. So, what will be conspicuously authentic if your entire outfit is bright and popping? Well, how about a unique purse, designer if you wish to elevate your look, vegan if you want to make a statement, or massive, if you want to nail two trends in one go? Another way to go is to choose meow-worthy shades that have taken the streets by storm!

Trendy trench


If you don’t already own this classic piece, what are you waiting for? The trench coat was a pivotal outerwear item seen in combination with everything from platform sneakers, to funky polka-dot pants (to which we’ll get later). The traditional khaki-beige palette is, of course, the go-to option for many, but this practical garment can be in different shades, shapes, and sizes. Pink, leopard, plastic, transparent? All that matters is that you finally have one to call your own by the end of this sentence.

Suiting done right

We could never get tired of a well-tailored power suit, so it’s no wonder that this immortal trend has once again surfaced as a favorite among street fashionistas during Fashion month. Fitted is fine, but the streets are significantly less formal, so you have plenty of room for playfulness in this area: pink power suits are perfectly snazzy, but oversized pants paired with a white shirt are equally loved. Sneakers or heels, the choice is yours, but always power up with a bit of sophisticated accessorizing.

Massively sexy


We dare say that fashion has expressed a very clear stance this previous month: size does matter, and this time, it’s time to go bigger than ever. There have been clothes grander than life itself, and “oversized” no longer comes close to describe what the streets have seen. Bombers, blazers, skirts, fur coats, sleeves, coats, they have all taken the term “go big or go home” to a whole new level.

Pattern galore

Now we go back to the famous polka dots, a revival reigning supreme, as well as a whole slew of other noteworthy patterns for a picturesque look. Leopard print has never gone out of style, but this season has seen it restored to its full glory, while tartan has once more found its way back to the top. Stripes are a classic that never fades, so you should never ditch your favorite striped suit, just mix it with some snazzy bling and your comfiest pair of white sneakers.  

Purple, oh how we love you


Pantone has once again found a winner, and this time, we will soak our life in ultra violet with the utmost pleasure. You can practically taste this futuristic, mysterious, but vibrant color when you find a way to wear it. Try some nail polish, violet lips, or pick a pair of ankle boots in this delicious shade. For the bravest and the boldest among you, make it a permanent part of your ensemble by dying your hair purple for a while!

Mismatching leveled up

Few wears have been spotted to have everything cut “by the book”, and although it’s good to play it safe and stick to what fits perfectly, 2018 will be the year of rebellious mismatching! Think of it this way: if nothing matches, then everything matches perfectly. It’s not just your earrings anymore. Two different socks, differently-colored shoes, stripes paired with florals, and colors that likely don’t even have names – street fashion has become the personification of freedom in every possible meaning of the word.


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