How to be your own Prince Charming

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Most young girls grow up watching fairytale filled of wonder magic and romance. Fairy Tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel all end the same way, with every princess finding her prince charming as they walk off together into ‘happily ever after’ hand in hand. These scenes of immaculate animated sunsets stick with you as the perfect and only ending to every adventure, to every great story – animated or not. This ending is what we need to feel complete, to feel like our story has reached it ultimate limit of contentment. So, we spend our lives waiting to have a handsome prince on a white steed ride in to save us (from what I’m not sure) and whisk us off into a perfect world of infinite sunsets and whimsical theme songs. Sometimes we think we found it –  that our moment of eternal bliss is around the corner and then suddenly, what once had all the prospects of a fairytale romance turns out to be a live action drama. So, we pick ourselves up, we resume our search, waiting dutifully, looking and hoping for our chance at happily ever after. Sometimes, some of us give up. We give up our search on love, accepting our lot in life as one that is loveless. That we have an inability to be saved, because if there was a prince he’s off somewhere saving somewhere else.


But who is this Prince Charming anyway? Have you ever wondered who exactly we have been waiting our whole lives for? Who is this person and what would he actually be like? Would he be kind, loyal and strong? Would he treat you with respect and adoration and remind you no matter how you feel that you are just as capable and brilliant as you are beautiful… He probably would, but why do we need to wait for a Prince Charming to be all the things we already know we can be for ourselves. We need not let ourselves be spoon fed with the idea of another person coming into our lives for the sole purpose of ‘saving us’. We need to be the damsel that can handle her own distress. To stop waiting for someone else to be our hero. We need to wake up, to take charge and realize that we can be our own prince charming – and that we are the only ones that can truly save us. No matter how big or small the challenge, whether it be learning to do your own wood sealing, purchasing your own plumbing tools or changing your own tyre; to showing yourself all the love and self-care you’ll ever need: you can be the savior you’ve been waiting for all along. All you have to do is try – here is your five-step guide to becoming the Prince Charming you’ve waited for your whole life. A Prince Charming that won’t disappoint you, one that will show up and stay with you forever, because that Prince Charming is YOU. You can be your own Prince Charming and here is how…like the Pussycat Dolls so aptly put it; “I don’t need a man to make it happen, I get off being’ free, I don’t need a man to make me feel good, I get off doin’ my thing, I don’t need a ring around my finger, To make me feel complete, So let me break it down, I can get off when you ain’t around”. If they don’t need a man, neither do you.”


  1. Take Responsibility

This is your life, you need to live it how you wish to do so and that means taking responsibility for where you and how you feel right now. No one cares about your dreams and desires as you do, so it is up to you to protect them and ensure they flourish – you need to drive them, to pursue them. Once you have taken on the responsibility for your own happiness opposed to waiting or someone to come by and make you happy. You realise how easy being happy is, how obtainable, how simple.



  1. Set Boundaries

Everybody need boundaries – set some for yourself – boundaries on how you wish to be treated, how you don’t, what you value, what you deem important and how you wish to achieve these goals. Let the boundaries you’ve set for yourself guide you into ensuring you achieve your happiness in a manner in which you are comfortable with – in which you are proud of. These boundaries allow you to have a yard in which you can measure your self-respect as well as how you wish other people to respect you.


  1. Have Specific Goals

Set yourself goals both short term and long-term ones in which you hope to achieve. Motivate yourself to reach them, these goals also indicate how you see yourself and your abilities. Let these goals guide you and set you on a personal growth path in which you can focus on yourself, your happiness and your growth.


  1. Be Honest & Bold

This is one is a little harder and may be easier if you had a Prince Charming of your own because being honest with yourself is very hard. It’s hard to be 100% honest with yourself about what is right for you and how you feel. Be honest with yourself and the things that you want and don’t be afraid to make bold steps in achieving them. You might want to rope in a friend, or a sibling to help keep track of your self-honesty.


  1. Be Kind

This may seem simple, but in actual fact it’s really hard and once you’ve become aware of how indirectly mean we can be about others as well as ourselves do you really see the challenge of this point. This step is super important because in order to your own Prince Charming, your own S.O, you need to love yourself as they would. You need to be your own biggest fan, your biggest cheerleader. You need to support and trust yourself and the decision you make for yourself with the utmost confidence. It’s important to be aware of how you think and talk about yourself and try to shed some positivity and light in spaces that seem dark. You are more beautiful, capable and powerful than what you give yourself credit for.





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