How To Choose the Right Wedding Dress?

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Almost every one of us has dreamt about the day when we get married in a beautiful white dress years before we actually get married. When the day finally comes, you don’t want to be disappointed because you choose the wrong dress. Even as a kid, you may have dreamt about plain white dresses and beautiful wedding veils. To make sure you get what you always wanted, you need to make sure you plan well for your wedding dress. There are many types of wedding dresses and wedding veils that can easily confuse you because all of them are breathtakingly beautiful. However, you should know how to choose the perfect attire that suits you rather than being stubborn about something that you like.

Here are a few things that you can do in order to choose the perfect wedding dress for your perfect wedding day:

Plan well in advance

By the time your wedding is just a few weeks away, you’ll be very anxious and you’ll have a lot of work to do. This is why you need to plan at least a few months in advance about your wedding dress. Think about the kind of design you want and try to make a rough sketch of it as a reference.


You can check out various wedding dress designs on Pinterest and other image sharing websites. If you like anything, you can save that image and show it to your wedding dressmaker or the store person as a reference. It will help you find your dress easier and faster without having to go through a lot of other dresses.

Dress according to your body shape

You should always go for a wedding dress that you love. However, if it doesn’t look good on you and if you’re not comfortable in it you should be open for other options. It’s very important to choose a dress that will suit the shape of your body. Generally, the body shapes of women can be classified into 4- straight or athletic, hourglass, pear, and inverted pyramid. If you have an athletic or straight body, you will not have evident curves and the best type of dress you can choose are empire and A-line ones. On the other hand, if you have an hourglass body, you need a dress that will accent your curves like a mermaid dress, a ball gown, or a sheath dress.

If you’re a pear-shaped person, you will have narrow shoulders and broader waist. Empire and A-line wedding dresses will suit well for you. An inverted pyramid body shape will have broader shoulders and a narrow waist. A mermaid wedding dress will be the ideal dress type for you. Nevertheless, you can always try out the other designs and not stick to the ideal ones. It’s okay to think out of the box as long as it looks good.

What shade of white?

There are different shades of white and not everyone chooses a bright white gown. You need to know the different shades and choose the one that will suit your skin tone the best.


No matter how beautiful your dress is if you’re not comfortable in it your special day can easily get ruined.

Wear a good bra when you go for the fitting

Wear a good bra when you go for fitting since you will know how exactly it will look on you on your wedding day.

Fitting must be done during the right time

You should not wait for the fitting to be done at the last moment. Also, you shouldn’t do it very early since you may lose or put on weight by the time your wedding date is closer. Once your fitting is done make sure that you maintain the same weight and figure until your wedding day.





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