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Make Your Shining White Teeth Your Identity


Tooth whitening is recognized as one common cosmetic dentistry process which is used for whitening or lightening the shade of your teeth. When you think of getting your teeth whitened, you must first seek a dentist to check whether your teeth have gum disease or cavities. In this process, your dentist can clean your teeth for removing any surface stains. Prior to whitening your teeth, you ought to know a few basic facts regarding teeth whitening. You will find so much information in magazines, advertisements and on the internet regarding teeth whitening but you must distinguish between fact and fiction so that you can make some firm decisions.

Myths about teeth whitening

When you are about to make use of teeth whitening kit to whiten your teeth you must take into consideration the following myths:

  • Every teeth whitening gel is the same – You will find many whitening gels but not all of them are equal and the strongest of them are utilized by the dentists for their in-office whitening procedures.
  • All teeth do whiten in a similar way – Actually, all your teeth do not whiten in an identical way. Your yellow teeth will whiten better compared to your grey teeth.
  • Strongest gels can make teeth the whitest – Though the strongest gels that are used by the dentists have the capacity to whiten your teeth faster, yet you will be able to witness similar result when you use one medium-strength whitening gel.
  • Your whitening toothpaste will bleach your teeth – Only some whitening toothpaste can whiten your teeth chemically. The majority of the toothpaste comprise of mechanical abrasives which aid you to brush off surface tints when brushing.
  • It takes weeks to observe the results – You can sometimes be able to observe the results in only half-an-hour and people can experience 8-10 shades brighter teeth and that too in less than one hour.
  • Teeth whitening are free from side effects – Teeth whitening aren’t absolutely devoid of side effects. Whitening your teeth might cause gum irritation or tooth sensitivity.

Dangers of teeth whitening

When you make use of whitening products excessively or when you brush your teeth very hard and frequently then you might end up damaging the enamel of your teeth. Gum irritation is often the consequence of hydrogen peroxide and it also results in teeth sensitivity problems. Additionally, don’t get your teeth whitened when you are pregnant or a nursing mother as ingesting peroxide can turn harmful to your fetus. Remember, when you whiten your teeth, you will find them returning to their usual color by the influence of your lifestyle and genetics.

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