Step Up Your Man Game…With Jewelry

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Diamonds and pearls and rubies, oh my! If the thought of sporting some bling you previously thought was reserved for the opposite sex makes you feel uncomfortable…well, welcome to 2018. Men can wear jewelry, and when worn the right way it can really step up your style.

We’re by no means suggesting you give up your Patek Philippe or that sick new Breitling you’ve had your eye on for years. But we are suggesting you mix and match. Even the nicest watch can be accented with a bracelet. When it comes to staying stylish – be it for the gym, the office, or a night out with the crew – there are, however, a few general rules you’ll want to follow.

Here’s your 2018 guide for wearing jewelry like a real man.

Clips and Tie Bars

Let’s start small. Baby steps, right?

Look, nobody looks good with their tie flying over their shoulder as they stroll into the office. Embrace the tie bar. It’s a simple way to keep your tie in check, and it looks good while doing so. Tie bars are horizontal clips the simply side over the top of the tie, then anchors below your shirt.

Choose a sophisticated, classic option for business days and dressier affairs. Just be sure to choose your colors wisely so they match your entire ensemble – in other words, a black clip with a brown belt probably isn’t going to work well.

Practicality, meet badass-ery. Check out some options here.

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Generally speaking, you’re going to want to go with a nice, simple stud. Stick to the basics and you can’t really go wrong. If you have a corporate job that requires you to dress formally every day, your best bet is probably leaving your earrings at home. But for those of us working in a more lax environment – tech, fashion, creative, startups, etc. – you can get away with a lot more.

Small gemstones work well. You don’t want anything too flashy drawing attention away from, well, you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative colors if you have the finances; yellow diamonds, also called canary diamonds, and black look great.


Again, unless you’re a hip-hop star, professional athlete, etc.,  leave the super-flashy stuff to the entertainment industry. Pair silver and gold with denim and a solid t-shirt for a clean look. Not into metals? No problem. Leather is always in, and dogtag-style pieces always play well. Stainless-steel cable chain is not only classic, but it’s quite masculine as well.

Again, don’t be afraid to try out new materials. Many jewelry companies are doing some awesome things with leather and twine. The Pearl Source and Laguna Pearl, two of the largest online pearl retailers in the U.S., both sell men’s jewelry. The leather and black pearl combo is killer with a sleek watch. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Many of you are probably watch guys. We hear you, and you’ll get no argument from us. But pair that watch with a sleek-looking bracelet and you have recipe for perfection.

Whatever you do, take care not to take away from the aesthetics of your watch. If you’re wearing a super sleek Patek Philippe, make sure you go with a similar bracelet that complements rather than detracts from your timepiece. Alternatively, you can pair a sporty Breitling with something a little flashier for a great effect.


Cufflinks actually serve a purpose. They are supposed to hold your cuffs in place. This piece of men’s jewelry is specifically for upscale events and occasions with formal attire. Generally, cufflinks are small, yet they come in a wide variety of styles that help you express your personality and fashion sense at the same time.

You can find sophisticated links that work for dressy occasions, or classic styles that go well with work-related events. But, for a stylish appeal, go with matte, gold, silver or metallic style cufflinks in circular or square shapes. Make sure your details are minor and avoid unusual shapes and gem-studded embellishments. Also, keep in mind that knots are not as dressy.











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