The 10 Different Types of Smiles

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People have many different types of smiles. The type of smile that someone has depends upon their confidence in themselves, their personality, their particular mood, and of course, the state of their teeth. You see people smile every day, but do you know how to read people smiles and find out what is going on underneath? Let’s look at ten different types of smiles.

The Loving Smile

The first type of smile we will discuss is the loving smile. This is the smile that you give to those you love. It is a sincere and warm smile that is sort of like a secret handshake. This smile is used with your significant other, your parents, your siblings and anyone who you care about deeply.

The Fake Smile

There is also the fake smile. The fake smile is the one that you give to people when you don’t feel like smiling. For example, if your boss tells you that you did not get the raise, but you don’t want to seem disappointed, you may give a fake smile.

The Smug Smile

Another type of smile is the smug smile. This type of smile says that you know something that other people do not. The smile may also say that you have the power over another person, such as knowing exactly how to manipulate your significant other into something.

The Fond Memories Smile

The reminiscence smile is one that is instantly recognizable. If you see someone with this smile, you will likely know right away that they are thinking about a fond memory from the past. It is pretty amazing how much a smile can convey.

The Hiding Smile

Another type of smile is the one that attempts to hide your teeth. This is usually used when someone has bad teeth and does not want people to know. Unfortunately, this is no way to live and if you have bad teeth and you need to fix your smile as soon as possible.

The Insecure Smile

Another type of smile is the insecure smile. This comes from someone who does not feel secure smiling. They have a difficult time with it and may feel uncomfortable when smiling at strangers. This type of smile will usually morph into something other than a smile after it has started

The Evil Smile

There is also the evil smile, which may appear on the face of your best friend as they attempt to talk you into doing something that they know is bad for you. This is the kind of smile that someone wears when you are about to have a prank played on you. This isn’t a truly evil smile; it is more of a mischievous one.

The Sad Smile

The sad smile is one that a person wears when they are thinking of things that make them both happy and sad at the same time. For example, if you’re thinking of fond memories with someone who has passed on, you may be wearing a sad smile. The sad smile may also come through briefly when you’re trying to cheer up someone who is crying. As you say something that triggers a smile normally, they may give you a sad smile instead.

The Bemused Smile

Finally, there is the bemused used smile. This type of smile is reserved for when you are observing something that mildly amuses you. For example, if your friend is telling you that he or she has broken up with their significant other and they will definitely, certainly, absolutely not be getting back together this time, you may have a bemused smile because you know it isn’t true.

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