Top 4 Date Places in New York

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When it comes to romantic dates, there are a lot of places all around New York where couples can enjoy each other’s company. Looking for a great place to spend time with a significant other can be a bit challenging sometimes, and it helps to have a guide handy in case one runs out of ideas. The same might apply to those who are meeting on a blind date for the first time. Going to a place where both parties can feel comfortable and enjoy the ambience would help make a second date possible.

Date nights are a necessity for every couple. They create an opportunity for each to set aside the stresses of everyday life and focus entirely on the other. For those who are going on their first date, it is important to meet at a place that would allow both of them to connect romantically, especially for those who met on online dating sites like Badoo and have never had the opportunity to create a great first impression in person.

Here is a list of the top four date places in New York:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the perfect place for nature lovers and hopeless romantics. With over 50 acres of gardens, this place is a relaxing haven that encourages long conversations while strolling across the park and marvelling at the flora that surrounds them. The Shakespeare Garden is a charming place that is abundant with blooms that are mentioned in the famous English poet’s sonnets and plays, such as roses, lilies, tulips, and peonies.

Gallow Green

Set at the top of Chelsea’s McKittrick Hotel, Gallow Green is a romantic rooftop rendezvous spot that offers a truly unique experience. This rooftop bar and restaurant presents a lush, ethereal forest garden setting that instantly transports its guests to another world. It offers a picturesque setting with fairy lights and short trees during warmer months, and bunk beds and drawers in the cold months. Evenings in this urban jungle are filled with great music and interesting characters, while couples enjoy the amazing view of Manhattan’s night lights.

Jane’s Carousel

This classic 1922 carousel is not only wonderful to look at, but it also brings out the child in everyone. Couples will surely forget about their worries and simply have a fun time at Jane’s Carousel. This ride’s hand-painted charm is best paired with a quick walk over to the nearby Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or a visit to St. Ann’s Warehouse. A date night at this place will definitely be one filled with smiles and nostalgic feels.

The Cliffs at LIC

The Cliffs is the ideal playground for anyone who is seeking adventure without having to leave the city. This rock climbing facility offers an introductory class which couples can take together and learn the basics. For more advanced couples who want to challenge each other, they can try to beat each other’s times. This venue is also a great place to spend time together on a regular basis and keep fit.

Spending an afternoon or evening together in a nice, romantic place and simply having a wonderful time should always be on every couple’s to do list. These four places in New York guarantee to give any couple the setting they need to cultivate a loving relationship.


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