5 Best Birthday Getaways in and Around Pune

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John Glenn said, “There is still no cure for the common birthday.” Let’s prove him wrong by breaking the common ritual that birthday celebrations only involve partying with friends and family, where there is blowing the candles, cutting the cake and loads of drinking (i.e., if you are of drinking age, mind you) and merriment. No doubt, it is still fun. But to be honest, it is also boring. Detangle from the sticky web of monotonous routine and do something truly off-beat on your birthday. If you are planning the birthday getaway for your loved ones, make sure to buy a perfect cake as well. No birthday is complete without a cake. With all the grand birthday planning, you can ease out the task of buying the perfect cake by simply ordering it online from websites and online niche portals like, which is an online marketplace to buy cakes and sweet delicacies.

Pune, the hot hub of culture and nature intermingli ng together, is one of the most sought out destinations for weekend getaways. What makes Pune such a popular destination is the minimal distance between long stretches of heart-melting, scenic landscapes, laid-back resorts and adventure hub. A short weekend is enough to take your out of the city chaos and cuddle you into the rejuvenating arms of mother nature; a perfect retreat! So, without further ado lets check five best birthday getaways in and around Pune to make birthdays memorable to the core.

Retreat to Malhar Machi resort in Mulshi:

Distance from Pune: 40 km

Relax in luxury with your loved one by retreating to Malhar Machi, a luxurious resort overseeing the serene Mulshi lake. Know for its earthy décor; this resort immediately distress you. The perfect way to celebrate your birthday with family and friends.

Explore your nomadic side with Bedse Caves:

Distance from Pune: 40 Kms

These off-beat caves are located just 40 kms from Pune, on Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, are a perfect way to kick off those work shoes and stretch your limbs. Interestingly these 2nd-century Buddhist caves can only be reached by climbing 400 steps, an exhilarating climb that takes you through plush vegetation. No better way to spend your birthday solo or with your besties by exploring your nomadic side. Best time to visit is during monsoons, though they are open to all any time of the year.

Capture the scenic beauty of Lohagad fort:

Distance from Pune: 65 kms

Put on those trek shoes and take the trail to scenic Lohagad Fort. Pune is a hub when it comes to many forts, but located at the height of 3400 feet, Lohagad is just the right blend of lush green mountains and amazing architecture. The panoramic view over of sunset is one to die for. Again, monsoon is usually the best time to explore this beauty, but one can that the trail any time of the year to enjoy the magnificence.

Rock and roll through the white-waters of Kolad:

Distance from Pune: 194 kms

For those with birthdays from June to September, explore your adventurous side and get high on adrenaline rush by river rafting on the white waters of Kundalika river in Kolad, most popular for this water-sport. Best time to visit is obviously during monsoons when the river is pumping high on water supply. But even rest of the year there you can visit some relaxing resort in Kolad. Other sports include canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling. Undoubtedly one of the best picnic spots near Pune.

Relish the serenity of pristine Diveagar:

Distance from Pune: 170 kms

Rejuvenate your soul by relaxing on the serene beaches of Diveagar. This splendid stretch of 15 kms of white sand beaches is the best place to unwind from the chaotic city life. There is nothing better than lounging on the sun-soaked beaches and sipping a beer on your birthday.

Whether you are planning your own birthday getaway or your loved ones, choosing a perfect getaway is important to make the special occasion unforgettable.



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