5 Out-Of-The-Ordinary Getaways For Your Family

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A White Christmas In Oz?


Thredbo snowboarding traditionally isn’t the best during January, but it’s looking like the snow will stick around a bit this year;

An Australian white holiday is extremely odd, and ironically out-of-the-ordinary. But going the out-of-the-ordinary route is getting more and more popular in modernity as the world becomes more globally connected.

1: Japanese Christmas

Some Aussies like to check out Indonesia, or Japan. In Japan, Christmas is oddly popular—but not for the same traditional reasons. If you’re a young Australian couple, this can be one of the most romantic trips you can take over the Christmas season. Christmas Eve in Japan is like an iteration of Valentine’s Day mixed with Santa Claus.

2: Ded Moroz And A Christmas Sandwich

Have you ever been to Russia during the Christmas holiday? There’s a long tradition of a Christmas celebration in this northernmost of countries, though due to Eastern Orthodoxy, it’s a little bit different. Also due to Eastern Orthodox, there seems to be an increase in the Russian celebration of Christmas. This country has their own Santa Claus, too—”Ded Moroz”, or “Old Man Frost”.

You will have to do things a bit differently, though. Russian Christmas is January 7h, after New Year. Of course the Russians have their drinking holiday first! Still, such a trip is very out-of-the-ordinary indeed; but if you go this route, you can have Christmas twice with New Year in the middle—it’s a Christmas sandwich!

Basically, you have your own celebration of Christmas on the traditional dates of December 24th and 25th, party with the Russians during New Year, then get a visit from Ded Moroz a week later.

3: Scuba Diving

You might see how the fish celebrate Christmas. Sure, there’s a bit of a language gap, but you can always find them putting out their multicolored lights at night! They must celebrate Christmas year-round! Especially in Australia, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to do this. And in the day, the fish are certain to have some Christmas colors, right?

But jokes aside, a Scuba Diving adventure can be just the kind of out-of-the-ordinary adventure you’ve been looking for this Christmas season. You get tropics, adventure, and relaxation—sounds like a pretty guide suite of gifts!

4: Visit The States

Okay, the United States may be a bit of a pilgrimage for some Aussies, but you don’t do it every year, so doing it once if you haven’t before would be a deviation from the norm—and it’s really worth doing at least once!

5: A UK Christmas

The United Kingdom has some of the oldest Christmas traditions. The country is all about Christmastime, and it’s got a somehow more classic, yet alien, feel. Again, if you’ve never done this, it’s worth taking the family to the old country at least once, if you can swing it.

More Travel Options Than Ever

Maybe it’s too late for you to drop everything and travel the world this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future! There are endless possibilities. It’s easy to have a traditional Christmas celebration, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But you’re likely going to have these most years. It’s not the matter of budgeting, it’s the matter of memories.

At least once, you and the family should to do something out-of-the-ordinary for Christmas. It will be a collective gift you can look back on fondly decades down the line—and perhaps it will even inspire you on to even more adventurous excursions.






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