A Midrange Pixel is Probably just the Tip of the Iceberg

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The Pixel by Google is great at many levels a major drawback is it lacks in variety. Also, Pixel is available only at a higher price range, even so very less number of styles are available. If you want an excellent Android experience, apart from dependable and unfailing software updates, Google’s Pixel is your only option.

Google Pixel – $650

If you are not ready to fork out $650 for a phone, then you are out of options. Pixel is touted to provide the customers with the best Android experience you can have on a mobile phone. And that justifies the price they have placed on the mobile.

Not many will be ready to put forward $650 for a phone that prides itself on the best software experience. There are those who would expect more hardware features for that price. And Pixel is still not available universally. But it seems after two years of Pixel’s existence, Google is ready to address these concerns.

Mid-Range Pixel

According to early reports, Google is releasing a Mid-Range Pixel which is launched in the market as early as this summer. If you are tracking Google’s entry in the hardware market, then this move might not surprise you. Even from the time of Pixel’s launch, it is not providing a hardware-based experience for the users. Pixel is a smartphone but unlike its counterparts, it is a software-centric user experience which no other devices with Android OS can match. This places Google a step ahead of the other smartphones providing an Android experience.

And now! Google wants to step out of just a highly priced Pixel to probably a mid-range smartphone with the same Android experience. You can play online casino UK through online casino apps like Red Spins Casino on the iOS platform.

Why now?

While they had every option to launch the mid-range Pixel right out of the bat, they decided to do it in steps to avoid a disaster if couldn’t corner the market. The question to be asked here is how long is it before the new Pixel is available globally? And how long before they release a new model or a new variant?

Tip of the iceberg

Till now Google has been relying on its partners to provide a Pixel-like Google experience for the masses in an affordable range. Companies like Nokia are ready to provide this for Google and support to an extent. This is a brilliant way for Google to expand its own line along with providing other third-party companies with an Android experience. This allows Google to have a market control on Android.

Among all the new models being released, the mid-range Pixel might not be that big of an announcement. But with Google, you need to see this as a beginning of a whole new chapter. One chapter in a whole new book. They are just filling the book one chapter at a time.

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