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In case you somehow missed the news, gym and workout attire in general has gone through quite a transformation. Whether you’re pursuing your fitness goals old-school style – at the gym, or joining in on some of the latest fitness fads such as SoulCicle and similar group sports millennials seem to be crazy about, there is one thing you need to know. Workout clothes aren’t only about functionality. No, times have changed and now a great deal of emphasis is placed on the appearance of your outfit. Whether it’s the communal factor, the increasing desire to actually look great at the gym, or the hectic lifestyles we lead that demand we own gym clothes that we can actually take to the streets after a grueling session, but sportswear has become much prettier. Therefore, today we are taking you on a ‘new gym basics’ kind of journey, so whether you’re a workout junkie or a newbie, pay close attention.

First things first

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There is no great workout without great support, so whether you’re breaking a sweat on the treadmill, giving it your all in spinning class or working hard to build your muscles, you need incredible footwear that will provide you not only with sole but also ankle support. For instance, CrossFit lovers will definitely fall in love with Nike’s Metcon 3, while lifters will look fly and have proper support when wearing the almost extravagantly beautiful Reebok Legacy Lifter shoes. Surprisingly enough, weightlifters can also perform incredibly well in Converse All Stars, which you must admit are a cult classic. As far as runners go, the choices are endless, but some of the top picks include the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR. However, the ones that are at the top of the list are the Salmon S-Lab Sense 6. Bonus: always look for comfy socks that won’t slide or cause itching.

Another form of support

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Aside from great footwear, you need to feel secure in the type of bottoms you wear for a workout session. If you’ve been paying any attention to the gym styles of celebs, you will notice that high-rise women’s exercise tights are one of the most frequent go-to choices. This is because they provide good support, are unlikely to ‘wiggle down’, they provide great compression while allowing for plenty of movement. Most celebs go for the classic and chic black and grey versions, but if you prefer a splash of color – red does wonders for motivation and you have tons of choices, so just take your pick.

A girl’s best friend

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Ok, we all know that if we want to get through a workout, we simply have to provide the ‘girls’ with an amazing support system, and you know what that means – a great sports bra that isn’t only flattering but also does the job. Now, as we know, not all ‘girls’ are created equal, so make sure you choose the type of bra that is best suited for your cup size and the intensity of your workout. You don’t want anything getting in the way between you and your fitness goals, so this is not a garment you want to skimp on.  

Up to you

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You can choose to stay only in your sports bra or put a tank top, a comfy tee or even a crop top over it – but this item isn’t mandatory, so just do as you please. However, if you want to head out to brunch, or even run some errands after your workout, a stylish hoodie is always good to have around. You can just throw it on and be good to go. In order to honor the athleisure rules of supermodels – don’t forget killer eyewear on your way out.

What’s in the bag

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A face mist, something along the lines of Fix+ to freshen up after your session, a hair band – you don’t want to work out without one. Besides this, a lip balm and a deodorant are just some of the pure necessities that should always be in your bag. Bringing your own towel is a question of good manners, so don’t skip that, and of course, you want a great, sleek gym bag to put all those goodies in. Gone are the days of ugly gym bags, these new ones are so sleek that you can proudly take them on a stroll around town, so make sure you snag some of the trendiest gym bags and simply look fly inside and out of the gym.


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