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How to dress fashionable on an affordable budget

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2018 is the year of new and more. New food choices, more things to want, new friends to make and more latest fashion trends popping up every season change. However, this more is often not applicable to money – of which it feels like there is never enough. 2018 brings about new responsibilities, new wants, new needs and new desires. For the fashion forward, women this year it is even more stressful as it encompasses so many new styles, trends, themed events and parties for her to flaunt her unattainable style and sassy flare. Yet with all the other added and sometime unforeseen and unbudgeted for expenses – being the fashion forward ‘Carrie’ in the group can be a little difficult. Fashion is many things but affordable is not usually one of them. However, it is not impossible to feel like Miss Bradshaw all year round with a few simple tricks and tips to ensure that you avoid debt, pack your suitcase filled with the latest and best for that luxury cruise you’ve saved up for and stay as fashion forward in even the most fashion frenzy of years.

Spring Clean

The best way to start with your giving your wardrobe a new year makeover is to start with a spring clean. Go through all your clothes and shoes – yes all and separate your clothing into various piles (this can also include all accessories if you’re feeling like a MacGyver) piles; swap, craft and keep. Don’t be afraid to let go of things you haven’t worn in over a year – if you still feel like the item is hard to let go of keep in crafty or swap pile. Remember though, the more waste you lose the more space you make for new and exciting additions to your clothing family.

Get Crafty

Clothing is a form of art, from its very origins to the way in which you wear it – it is always evolving. From the origins of its design and onwards clothing has the possibility to constantly be innovated, to be adapted and changed – to be altered. Yes, you can get crafty with your clothing and it still be cool and there are so many ways to so –  alterations both big and bold as well as small and subtle can be done to change your items of clothing – tops turned into crop tops – jeans into miniskirts – one pieces into two pieces. The application of ribbons, straps, sequins and patch work is also possible. You can really change any of your clothing items into something completely new. Your possibilities are endless and there is no wrong way only your way.

 Mix & Match

Be bold and adventurous with your pairing, don’t be afraid to bend the trend rules and test styles that may not be red carpet ready. Mix and match different textures, colors and patterns – utilize your inner ‘Carrie’ and let your confidence and comfort guide you. You’ll find the more experimental you are the more eye opening getting dressed in the morning will be come and the more surprised you will be with your own choices and what makes you feel awesome.


Get thrifting, this isn’t just an idea induced by Macklemore but has been a long-time fashion favorite to any fashion forward individual. The art of thrifting is not only exhilarating as you hunt for hidden gems – long abandoned by their original owner and looking for a new home and stylish new caregiver but is also super rewarding. Especially when you get your hands-on a piece you’ll simply die without. Now it’s not just the chase we love about thrifting it’s also the reduced price – which is generally less than half of what the price is in the stores. Its retro look and feel will ensure there is no doppelgangers of your outfit at any party or event anywhere other than in the past.


The clothes swap is not only the perfect excuse to throw a party with your favorite friends, to drink cosmopolitans and eat cheese but it’s also the perfect place to pick up some of your friend’s best pieces of clothing to. It’s simple really, along with your drink mix and party favor every girl – or guy brings a bag of clothing items, accessories or shoes which they wish to swap, maybe you can’t get let go of it to donate just yet or maybe it’s still new and it’s too soon to rework your crafty magic on it yet. The swap is the ultimate way to get a stylish wardrobe injection at the lower cost of your own clothes – which you don’t wear. Every swapper can swap at their own discretion obviously – but this is the perfect way to keep that Gucci blazer living on forever. It’s like the journey of the travelling pants except for anything and everything you’re willing to trade.

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