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How Your Birthday Can Influence Your Personality

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Who can say when you’ve reached that stage of completely knowing yourself? You can turn to your own mind, dreams and opinion to discover more. However, there are also other ways to discover some tiny but key details about your personality.

Did you know how much your birthday matters? It can predict your personality and even more, according to astrology, numerology and science. A new you may await after reading this article. Here is more about your personality, based on your birthday.

Birth Sign and Personality

You can have a complete astrological map of your life decisions, thoughts, health and career tendencies by reviewing your complete astrology map. It’s best if you also know the hour you were born to discover every detail. You can dig in even further and find out the week date you were born from Calendar Table.

Astrology can reveal how you will behave as a child and adult, based on zodiac sign, ascendant, planets and stars positioning. You get to know which other zodiac signs you might get along with and who you should avoid. Astrology also reveals health sensitivities, career paths and hobby preferences. You might even discover some hidden talents. It is said that you might know 5% of someone’s personality through their zodiac sign. It’s up to you to decide how much this means once you’ve just met someone.

Birth Date and Personality

Numerology dictates your personality, traits and career potential. The science is based on adding up your birth day and month one by one. For example, if you’re born on November 29th, you should calculate 1+1+2+9. The result will have two digits, so you calculate it – 1 + 3. Your number is four.

You can see what destiny has in store for you by researching what each date means and why you keep seeing certain numbers. By researching through numerology, you get to know more of potential talents that you might even not have been aware of.

Birth Season and Personality

Scientists have studied the impact of season birth in babies and how their personalities develop as adults. Researchers from the Semmelweis University in Budapest have made biochemical studies and discovered that there’s a connection between birth season and dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters which is visible in adult life. What can your birth season say about you?

  • Summer: Excessively positive temperament, frequent mood swings between sad and cheerful.
  • Autumn: Quiet and/or happy personality, with insignificant risk of long-term sadness.
  • Winter: Insignificant risk to develop irritable personalities.
  • Spring: Overall positive but balanced temperament.

Birth Date and Medicine

Some say that people care more about being liked instead of having a good personality. However, the mix between the two brings you peace of mind. Mind health is also essential, so researchers have wondered if it links to your birth date. They have comprised discoveries by season.

  • Summer: Those born in June, July and August got a lot of light after birth, despite being carried through winter. Summer people may shift through moods, yet without tendencies to develop bipolar disorders.
  • Autumn: Children born un autumn receive plenty of nutrients available at harvest time. They have low depression levels and low risks to develop bipolar disorder. However, they tend to get upset quickly.
  • Winter: Those born in winter have higher risks of developing schizophrenia. However, they are less irritable and creative. They tend to solve problems by using their imagination and know how to refresh their mood.
  • Spring: They are optimistic and well-balanced. However, they might develop clinical depression, especially if born in May.

BONUS: Name and Personality

Onomatology or the science of name analysis was invented at the beginning of the twentieth century and is still going through research. This artsy science calculates your destiny number through each letter of your name.

You name letters are grouped in series of 1 – 9, such as: A – I, J – R, S – Z. By calculating your destiny number, you can find out more about your lifestyle, personality, career path, qualities and flaws. Motivated people are those with number 1, while number 3 expresses creativity. Efficient, but materialistic people usually have number 8. Meanwhile, visionary but emotional people have number 11.

Sticking to You

Some of the above may sound familiar, if you’ve read them considering your birthday. They comprise months and years of research made by specialist in astrology, numerology, onomatology and clinical medicine. They comprise information based on studies which have later been subject to other research.

However, it’s up to you to decide how much your birthday matters and, most importantly, what plans you have for your next birthday. Many of us read an article and discover something new about their friends. Share a smile with your friends while they discover more on how birthdays influence their lives!

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