Make your long horse riding journey even more exciting with these tips

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The Long Horse Riders should be careful and follow certain tips to make their rides comfortable for themselves and their horses. Experts say that before you start the ride, check the health and the condition of your horse. It should be fed and exercised well so that it can undertake the ride without hassles. It should be physically fit and mentally alert to give you a safe and comfortable ride. As a Long Horse Rider, you should embrace the following tips-

  1. Do not attach or tie yourself to the horse or saddle – One of the most significant fears you have as a Long Horse Rider is falling off. To safeguard yourself from unwanted falls, you may consider tying yourself to the saddle or the seat of the horse. This is the biggest mistake you can do. If you fall, you must fall to the ground freely. In case you attach yourself to the saddle or the seat of the horse, chances are you will be dragged and aggravate the fall with significant injuries.
  2. Never let go of the horse’s reins РThe reins of the horse will help you control it. Do not panic or toss the reins. This will confuse the horse and cause panic.
  3. Wear the right footwear – Always wear the proper footwear for the ride. Look at the participants in The Breeders Cup and see the professional footwear they wear. The footwear should not glide through the stirrup. It must have a good grip.
  4. Practice riding skills and coordination – Riding on the horse does not mean that you need to sit there. It is a constant activity that needs skills and coordination.
  5. Listen to your coach – Coaches have years of experience when it comes to rides. Listen to them for advice. They are professional Long Horse Riders who will give you helpful tips.
  6. Match the right horse – Your coach will help you here. The rider and the horse must match to be a successful combination.
  7. Do not hold the saddle – The saddle helps you maintain your balance when you are riding a horse however this does not mean that you hold on to it for support during your ride.
  8. Never skip the helmet – Always wear a helmet when you are riding the horse. You never know when you may fall. Prevention is better than a cure.
  9. Learn through experience – Each ride will be your first ride and so gather the experience of the previous ride to become better at skill and coordination.
  10. Wear the right attire – last but not the least wear comfortable and baggy attire for the ride. This gives you ease of movement and helps you focus better on the ride. Always buy the right riding clothes for the season.

Therefore, with the above tips, you effectively can excel as a Long Horse Rider. The above does take time and practice to learn. Once you have mastered the skills, the experience becomes enriching and exciting every time you venture on your ride!

Author:  Silvia Watson 


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