Microsoft MCSE Certification Courses: Complete Guide

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We are surrounded by technologies; they became a part of our daily life. People are so obsessed that they don’t stay a day without technology. Microsoft has started its courses in this trend to improve the skill set of the professionals. It provides the candidates with required knowledge and skills to solve the tasks using the products and services of Microsoft.

MCSE stands for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification. This is the expert-level credential that is recognized in every corner of the world. This certificate is very in demand in computer centers, institutions, colleges, and universities. The course is mainly chosen by professionals who want to take insight and increase their knowledge about Microsoft products and services. The Microsoft MCSE credentials have various modules and each one contains a detailed explanation of the topic.

The MCSE certificates are about the scopes of the IT sectors that include business apps, data management, cloud platforms, productivity, and mobility. Each credential is essential to understand the Microsoft technology and increase one’s skill set and knowledge.

MCSE: Business Applications: This certificate verifies that an individual has the relevant expertise and skills to work with and operate Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure: This certification confirms that a candidate has the skills required to run a modern and highly efficient data center with expertise in systems and identity management, cloud technologies, storage, networking, and virtualization.


MCSE: Data Management and Analytics: This credential demonstrates the applicant’s skill sets in leveraging BI data, SQL administration, and building enterprise-scale data solutions.

MCSE: Mobility: This certificate validates that one has the relevant skills to operate devices in a modern BYOD enterprise.

MCSE: Productivity: This certification verifies that a candidate is able to move his company to the cloud, improve data security in his organization, increase user flexibility and productivity, and reduce data loss.

How to Become a MCSE Certified Specialist?

To get one of the MCSE certifications, Microsoft is strictly recommended taking 2 years of experience prior to the certificate. It means acquiring the technical skills before the exams, including installing, designing, troubleshooting, and configuring. It will help you easily understand the basic concepts and technical aspects. A professional must know how to work as a data manager, information security analyst, computer support specialist, and database and network administrators.

The conclusion is if you are working in the IT field and having 2 years of experience, then you can go for the MCSE certification. If you are a fresher and don’t have any knowledge about the IT sector, then you should go for the 2-years training in any IT company, and only then go for the MCSE credential.

How to Prepare for Microsoft MCSE Certification Exams?

  1. Know what you need to know: Microsoft exams are generally hard but here is the great thing which might help many professionals before taking these tests.  Microsoft publishes the description pages for the exam they administer. The description mentions the skill set requires for the examination. 
  2. Find good study materials: Always find the quality material, which could help you understand the technical concepts. You can find several books and online training courses, but do some research before going further.
  3. Take notes: Write down every technical detail when you prepare for the exam, it will help you revise early. Write everything that can be important for the MCSE examination.
  4. Practice: There are two forms of practice: MCSE exam questions and technology practice. It is important to set up which exam you are giving, and then make the plan to go further. It is essential to take the technology practice because it will help you understand the concept more properly as compared to the books.  If you passed the examination somehow without touching the technology, then there is no value of that certification.
  5. Relax: When you did with your practices and learning, just relax and spent some time to entertain you before taking the actual exam.

How to Take Microsoft MCSE Certification Exams?

  • Registration: You need to register on the Microsoft website with all the details and the module you want to go with. Take care of filling the right information in the form with the correct email address, as all information regarding the test and documentation status will be sent to your mentioned email.
  • Schedule Appointment: The website will give you an online feature for scheduling, which benefits you to find the nearby Microsoft examination center and guide you to schedule your test in the real time. When you browse the list, you will see the available centers and a time slot you can choose according to your suitability. To select an appointment:
    • You must select the module you want to take.
    • You must select the preferred language of the test.
    • You must select the test center where you want to take your MCSE examination.
  • Payment: The final step you will see after filling all the details is payment. You can choose any of the mentioned payment option to process the fee.

As now you have successfully scheduled your exam, now take print out of the receipt, which includes all the details of your exam. Don’t forget to take one form of identification; it could be your passport or driving license.

Online Websites for Microsoft MCSE Certification Exams

Prometric: This site has all the steps to clear the MCSE exams. There are several noted to crack the MCSE examinations. It is one of the most trusted websites all over the world.

ProProfs: This website offers free MCSE guide and noted to prepare for the exam. You don’t have to register or login to access its study materials.

Exam-Labs: This is a great website having sample papers free. You can prepare and test your preparation by giving the free exam by answering the free practice questions. When you will browse this site, you will see the different module number of the MCSE exams. You can give any of them according to your suitability. The Exam-Labs website is the premier destination for the exam preparation.

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