Seasonal Weather in Los Angeles

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So you have booked your villa in Los Angeles, and you’ve already started thinking about what you’re going to do while you’re in the area. One of the great things about visiting the area at any time of the year is there’s always a lot on offer, and for the most part, the sun is shining almost all year ‘round. But when do you plan to be travelling to this part of the world, and what will you need to take with you so you don’t get too hot, or too cold?


Los Angeles has more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every single year, which makes it the ideal vacation destination for sun-lovers. When it comes to rain you’re unlikely to get soaked very often as the city typically has just 35 days of rain each and every year. With an annual temperature average of approximately 19-24 degrees Celsius, you are not always guaranteed to melt in the sun, but this does depend on what time of year you happen to visit.


Let’s take a look at the seasonal weather in Los Angeles so you’re well equipped and ready for a vacation of a lifetime:


Visiting During the Spring


If you happen to be in Los Angeles between March and May you will find temperatures are approximately 19 degrees Celsius, but they can occasionally drop to somewhere around 15 Celsius. Los Angeles is particularly beautiful during the spring and is definitely worth a visit, plus there are likely to be fewer tourists around too, which can be a bonus.


What you should wear: When visiting during the spring you should think about wearing a few light layers as the temperature isn’t going to be very high. You may also want to bring a coat or a light jacket with you as it can get chilly during the evening and at night.


Visiting During the Summer Months


If you happen to be visiting Los Angeles between the months of June and August you’ll be there during the long hot summer months. One of the best things you can do during your time here is to spend a lot of it in the shade. The temperature tends to vary between 21 and 24 Celsius which is not the hottest in the world, but it can certainly feel like it is. Not only will the temperature on land feel quite hot, but if you happen to venture into the water you’ll find that it’s a stunning 20 Celsius, particularly in August.


Unfortunately, if you have come to Los Angeles to make use of the glorious weather you may be disappointed by the smog. Smog can be very common in this part of the world especially in June, and while a lot of the schools are off. This undoubtedly means there’s extra traffic, more people walking around and trying to find a spot on the beach and less of that glorious sunshine you love.


What you should wear: In addition to wearing a lot of sunscreen, you should opt for a nice light shirt and a pair of shorts, perhaps a dress and some sandals so you can keep cool. Don’t forget your sunglasses, you’ll need them to keep the sun out your eyes.


Visiting During the Autumn

When it comes to visiting Los Angeles during the autumn and the months of September and November,  you may be pleased to know that the temperature is usually a little cooler. Ranging between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius, you’re unlikely to need quite as much sunscreen. There does tend to be a bit of rain during the autumn, but it’s usually nothing dramatic, but it can get a little chilly when it falls. Talking of getting chilly, you may need to wear a coat or a light jacket from time to time as it can get a little cold, especially at night. Temperatures during the night can be as low as 12 Celsius, but this could still be a lot warmer than you’re used to at home.

What you should wear: Take a bottle of sunscreen with you, even though you may not need quite so much of it. Stay warm by wearing a few layers at a time, and don’t forget that coat or light jacket. If you plan to enjoy evening walks along the beach you should wrap up as it tends to get extra chilly by the sea.

Visiting During the Winter

Winter visits Los Angeles during the months of December to February, and you’ll find that there tends to be quite a bit of rain. Winter can be quite chilly even in this part of the world as temperatures tend to be around 15 Celsius during the day, and as low as 8 or 9 during the night. The good news is there’s usually plenty of indoor activities around Los Angeles at this time of the year, so you won’t need to spend much of your time freezing.

What you should wear: When you do go out and about you may want to wear jeans and a sweater as well as a few more layers as they can help you to stay warm. Be prepared and take an umbrella with you or simply buy one while you’re there. You may need it.

As you can see, the weather can vary from approximately 8 or 9 degrees during the winter to as much as 24 degrees during the summer months. This ultimately means that you’ll need to be prepared for your trip to Los Angeles so you have the right clothing and the right amount of sunscreen with you.

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