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Skintology Cosmedical’s pristine location on E. 57th street is host to clients who look like they could be gracing our next issue. Upon my arrival I met Former Miss Texas, Valerie Velazquez who introduced me to a procedure that has taken stem cell research to dermatology. Stem-Cell Therapy has emerged to rebuild new cells. It is the most natural-most gradual and promising procedure that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. “Our own bodies are able to create life. Stem cells are recreating organs- why not use it to regenerate cells on the face?” A point well made by Valerie who casually discusses medical science advancements as if the tide is about to turn where aging is a thing of the past.

Stimulating collagen, rejuvenating the epidermis. That is the objective of this procedure. It is fascinating how tiny little needles across the face reinvigorate the skin. For women who have hollowness and lack the elasticity they once sported, fat is taken from an excess area and spun through a centrifuge where it is enriched with stem cells. These stem cells are what cause the rebirth of cells. This procedure is an evolution of skin grafting. The very same procedure of taking excess fat to reconstruct a burn or a deep cut, has taken stem cell advancements to the next level. It simply rebuilds a layer of fortified skin. It interrupts the aging process by enriching the cells with an infusion of nutrients. It is rewinding the clock on the daily skin damage we incur.

To better understand this procedure, we have the experts weigh in.

What are the first visible changes you see with this procedure? 

The first visible change to the face is minor redness, mild swelling and possible pinpoint bleeding which subdues in 24-48 hours just like any micro needling procedure. The skin will need to be moisturized and kept clean, and it will be noticeably smoother and more radiant within one to two weeks, with full results appearing after a few months.

What should a new patient do prior to their visit?

Before a new patient will visit we recommend researching the treatment and visiting our facility for a free skincare evaluation and free Stem Cell Therapy consultation.

Here at Skintology, we understand that there are limitations to quick fixes, and only through regular maintenance and consistent care can you prevent aging. Each client should arrive in comfortable clothing, having eaten and should be ready to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and aromatherapy at Skintology.

After this procedure, what skin regimen can optimize results?

As Skincare experts, we recommend that each client have a facial at least once a month, this will help the skin rejuvenate and clear pores that would otherwise cause blackheads, whiteheads, acne and an array of other problems. Many of our clients live in New York City and surrounding boroughs, so the city air has a drastic effect on the quality of your skin. Many more of our clients travel for work and that can also take its toll in terms of elasticity and discoloration. So long as our clients continue with good habits, drink plenty of water and continue with their customized skincare routine their skin should be glowing and fresh like a baby! And who doesn’t want baby soft skin!


How many times should this procedure be done to see the best results? 

To see the best results from Stem-Cell Therapy, it is best to undergo the treatment at least 3 times a year. Stem-Cell Therapy is customized specifically to your skin, depending on texture, scarring, pigmentation, oiliness or dryness. The stem cells are injected through a micro needling technique, after a topical cream is applied, and you can be in and out of here in less than an hour! The micro needling finely pierces the skin and forces collagen to reproduce. The more collagen, the more youthful your skin will be.

What other procedures does Skintology offer to enhance the results of this procedure?

After finishing the stem-cell therapy treatment plan, we can perform customized non-invasive laser treatments to enhance the results, such as IPL, micro needling, PRP and many more. Features can also be enhanced with permanent makeup and micro blading to give you that fresh full face and youthful feel! We have multiple sets of state-of-the-art non-invasive fat removal and cellulite removal equipment – something for everyone! We want all our clients to leave here felling like they’re at their best!

Who would be a great candidate for this procedure? 

Stem-Cell Therapy is different than any other procedure, in the sense that stem cells are responsible for growth during childhood and for the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout your entire life. However, after the age of 25, the levels of stem cells in the human body are only at 20% of what they were in youth. As a cosmetic procedure it is especially effective around the eyes and jowls to rejuvenate collagen amongst the fine lines that appear over time.

How to book?

You can call our team of experts at 212.832.2225 to schedule your free skincare and stem cell therapy consultation, or by emailing Our team will be happy to advise.


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