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The 3 Fashion Trends Dominating San Francisco

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Hip and trendy, San Francisco is both the tech capital and the bohemian fashion capital of the United States. Always pushing the limits of what is fashion, San Franciscans are known for bringing back retro designs and fashion trends and making them hip again.

Today, throwback mixed prints, monogramming and logos and vintage decorated denim are making a comeback. Read on to find out how you can rock these trends and add some personal style to each.

Mixed Prints

Mixed prints are a mixed bag of fashion statements. The fashion has made a comeback with trendsetters making their mark by mixing retro mixed prints with chic designer prints. To rock the look, keep the following things in mind. First, it is okay to look like an uncoordinated mess, to begin with.

Mixing stripes and dots can make for a risky ensemble. But it is okay. Try out prints in the same family but with different densities. For instance, pairing a large-print gingham blouse with small-print gingham shorts. Mixing up the colors also helps create some contrast to the look. Just remember, mixed prints should be fun, so do not get too caught up in getting it to look perfect.

Monogramming and Logos

As fashion cycles go, monogramming and logos were spurned as people focused more on covert branding. In 2018, however, they are back with a bang. Today, you will spot a trendy fashionista sporting a Channel T-shirt with the logo emblazoned on the front, or a monogrammed Fendi bag.

If you want to sport this look, do some vintage shopping San Francisco to find logo or monogram vintage pieces to go with your other pieces. However, always remember to pair a logo piece with a plain piece. While logos are back, it still isn’t trendy to wear a logo t-shirt, logo pants, logo bag and logo hat. Mixing and matching to balance things out is the way to go.

Vintage Decorated Denim

While vintage denim has been back for a while, vintage decorated denim has only started making a comeback in the last year or so. With beautiful floral embroidery or plain old print designs, this fashion movement is as individualized as they come. The trend offers flexibility making it an easy trend to ride.

You can get the look in one of two ways; buy ready-made vintage decorated denim or buy some plain denim and have them embroidered to your heart’s content. The trend covers denim jackets, denim pants, and denim bags. To get the look right, pair decorated denim pants with a mashup of a chic short sleeve button up and some dapper leather strap sandals and a monogrammed clamshell bag. 

Marc Jacobs said, “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting.” This is a fitting line to describe the fashion trend currently hitting the Bay Area.

To own this fashion trend, look for quirky pieces that show your personal style and mix them up with these fashion pieces. After all, it is Alber Elbaz who said style is something reflected from your soul to the outside world – an emotion.


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