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Another year of free-spirited fabulousness seemingly flew by in an instant, leaving a trail of unforgettable outfits to inspire many an upcoming festival frenzy. It’s no wonder this is, according to some, the most versatile and exquisite year of Coachella fashion, with Queen B to set the stage for all the fashionistas who love this festival’s boho-chic vibe.

From the trendiest pieces spotted, all the way to memorable celebrity looks, let’s see what the top picks of this year’s Coachella are, and how you can incorporate them in your style!

Fringe front and center


Even when you choose pastel colors and rugged denim as your go-to material for this festival, there’s always texture to play with. This year’s Coachella proved that even the simplest of outfits can be embellished beyond recognition with some added substance to an otherwise plain-looking outfit.

This western-inspired craze was seen all over the place, paired with stylish cowboy hats and pure brown leather hues, and of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of true cowboy boots. Some of the favorites included Calvin Klein, as well as embroidered Nocona boots in a delicious shade of chocolate. Don’t be stingy with the fringe when you wear such flattering footwear!

Polkas, stripes, and checkered


Not that the florals are to be abandoned, since any summer music festivity is a perfect excuse to wear everything flower-decorated. However, this year, there was a wider range of patterns to look forward to, and the trends will only continue to grow with the street-friendly versions of these looks.

Some of the funky bests include polka dots in black and white, to give your look a truly retro feel, while rainbow-infused stripes as seen on Alessandra Ambrosio and her color-packed cowboy extravaganza. Anything from shorts, full rainbow tops and bottoms, all the way to slightly subdued rainbows on long dresses is more than welcome. Plus, let’s not forget the love for lumberjack checkers, particularly loved on our boyish shirts to an added layer of evening warmth.

Beauty essentials


There is no way to pull off a Coachella-worthy look for any upcoming event if you don’t take excellent care of your skin. Spending all of that time in the sun means that you should follow in the footsteps of Coachella divas and mind your sun protection, so pick a reliable sunscreen to be your partner in crime.

Then again, don’t neglect your lovely hands either, and make room in your stylish purse (to which we’ll get in a moment) for a moisturizing L’Occitane hand cream to nourish your skin on the go. Luckily for all boho enthusiasts, the nude look is still on the rise, so you needn’t overburden your skin with too much makeup, although a touch of lip gloss is always a great choice!

Accessories that ruled


Layered bracelets in a multitude of colors, nail polish in pure white to match the many oversized white shirts, the choker paired with delicate pendants, they all made their presence known at this year’s Coachella.

However, other quirky essentials included the reinvented fanny pack that made the whole experience simpler and reminiscent of the ‘80s and the ‘90s. After all, if Kendall Jenner chose one, then it’s a fully approved item to select for your own style! Of course, let’s not forget the shades that stood out as the most powerful add-on of the festival: from the classic aviator, all the way to tortoiseshell-adorned, this accessory was easily the perfect statement piece to complete the Coachella look.

Keep it street-y


Kendall was not the only one flaunting a bandage bra, but many more put a twist on the classic top choice, and added an extra edge with floral embroidery, texture through knitting, or just plain old fringe! In fact, many wardrobe selections were perfectly coordinated to reflect the current love for the street-inspired style.

What can be your go-to, low-maintenance essentials? Choose ripped, distressed denim shorts, a plain white shirt or a tee, a pair of rugged boots to handle the stress of the crowd, and you’ll only be a few accessories away from a perfect Coachella look!


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