Why Could Monsoon Be A Great Time For Holidaying in Andaman?

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The Andaman is known for its azure waters, silvery sands, sun-kissed beaches, and mesmerizing vistas. What more could you have asked for your vacation with your family? This is a perfect paradise for tourists. With the advent of the monsoon season, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which are so beautifully tucked away in a cozy corner of the globe become even more fascinating and truly magical.

For all the nature aficionados, the monsoon season is the best season to explore and admire Andaman’s scenic beauty amidst lush greenery as this part of the universe seems to come alive during the rainy season. Moreover, you could enjoy the peaceful and serene ambiance in total privacy as the number of tourists would be going down. Around this time,   travel agents and tour operators would offer the best deals and really affordable Andaman tour package.

Top Reasons to Visit the Andaman during the Rainy Season

Many of you are not aware of the fact that the Andaman is actually, an all-year-round tourist spot. This area actually experiences least temperature fluctuations and the place is forever pleasant. Even though, the best time of the year for visiting this picturesque holiday destination is from the beginning of November to May. Many of you are not very keen on visiting the Andaman Islands during the monsoons as there could be strong winds, high tidal waves, and nonstop rains.

Take Advantage of the Price Cuts & Discounts on Andaman Tour Package

But The Andaman Islands would be a major attraction for some practical people who are able to understand the advantages of making the most of the off-season. If you are practical enough, you would keep in mind that it does not necessarily rain every single day. They know that there would be lush greenery all around and flowers in vibrant colors would bloom. You could have a joyous and super-relaxing holiday amidst the mesmerizing bounties of nature. Prices of resorts and hotels are bound to plunge and you could avail all sorts of bargains.

Make the Most of the Glorious Natural Beauty

If you want to witness nature at its very best, this is the prime time to visit the Andaman. It would be quite cool weather-wise, and you are sure to experience a fulfilling vacation with your loved ones as there would be utmost peace and tranquility all around you. The natural beauty has an overpowering effect on your senses like never before. Rest assured to experience a dream-come true-vacation.

Enjoy Walking on the Beautiful Radhanagar Beach

The azure waters and the glittering sand make this beach one of the very best in Asia. Walking on the beach could be a memorable experience.

Explore the Cellular Jail

The cellular jail was constructed in 1906 and was called the Kala Pani. You could explore the prisons where some of the famous Indian freedom fighters had been exiled. Indians are quite nostalgic about this place as it has major historical implications and it is quite natural to be filled with a feeling of patriotism and pride.

Adventure Lovers Feel the Adrenaline Rush by Snorkeling at the Famous Bharatpur Beach

The adventure lovers would be thrilled by the very thought of snorkeling at the Bharatpur Beach with an approaching storm. When the weather is unpredictable and the sea is rough, this could be a grand experience for the young and the daring at heart. The authorities take complete safety measures so you just need to fall into the line.


If you are a nature enthusiast and also, adventurous at heart nothing beats exploring the picturesque Andaman in the monsoons. The enjoyable drive and the finger-licking seafood are an icing on the cake. It is high time you savored the incredible beauty of the scintillating Andaman Islands.


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