6 Great Gift Ideas for Preppers

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What do you give to someone who seems to have everything? That question may be regularly asked before birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, but it is even more challenging in the case of preppers, since they may literally have multiples of everything they consider important. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t items they’d appreciate or love. Here are 6 great gift ideas for preppers.

A Water Filtration System

If you ask a prepper what they need to have on hand, clean water ranks high on that list. You don’t have to give someone gallons of bottled water. A better gift would be a water filtration system. This ensures that they have clean water in almost any situation. Small water filtration systems, including those built into drinking straws, could be used when camping as well as during an emergency.

Firestarter Rods

Firestarter rods are a good gift to give preppers. They’re small. They’re cheap. They’re useful. They eliminate the need to carry matches. Many of them come in waterproof containers and a number of models come with a full pocket-sized survival kit, such as a survival whistle or survival guide. It is hard to go wrong with a gift that they’ll be able to use somehow in almost any situation.

Emergency Rations or MREs

Emergency food rations are designed to last nearly forever; they have a five-year shelf life. They’re also energy-dense. You could stash them in the glove compartment, the back of the pantry or in a backpack and then forget about it, knowing that you have at least some fuel to keep you going if you do end up needing it.

Personal Car Emergency Kit

There are emergency kits made specifically for stowing in your car. They come with food, water, light, sanitation, essential tools and first aid. If you need to flee with nothing but what’s in the car at the time, you already have a basic kit on hand. Everyone else will appreciate the fact that these kits make it so much easier to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Read blogs like Momwithaprep.Com to learn what you should consider putting in an emergency kit if you want to assemble one yourself.

Radio/Flashlight/Phone Charger Hand Crank Combo

A hand crank radio is a standard recommendation on disaster preparedness checklists. The radio lets you listen to the news, and the hand crank ensures that it works even if the power is out and you don’t have any batteries. A radio/flashlight combo gives you both light and communications. One of the more recent variations of these products adds a phone charger. Now you could charge your cell phone by turning the crank. A few models can connect to solar power charging systems, too.

Compressed Toilet Paper Tablets

Compressed toilet paper tablets provide, at a minimum, toilet paper when you otherwise have to improvise. However, these tablets have a surprising number of uses. Using them as wound dressing and fire starters is only the start. Throw them in any survival kit or backpack and you’re ready to go.

These are all gifts any prepper will be sure to appreciate. And not only that, but you’ll know you’ve just given them something that’s of actual use to them.

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