6 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving To NYC

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As simple as it may seem, moving to the New York City is a major transition. It requires planning if you don’t want to end up with a moving horror story.

First, decide the moving company you will hire to transport all your belongings to your new home. To save yourself from a bad experience, do your research and compare all your options before you are ready to make a move. Believe it or not, you need both experience and precision to pull off a move to NYC with no hitch!

Six Mistakes You Are Likely to Make When Moving to New York City

 It is easy to make mistakes when you are moving to this amazing city. It takes more than just the right moving company to make your move successful and organized. Here are the top six mistakes people make when moving to the NYC. Read on to make sure you don’t repeat them!

  1. Waiting for the last minute

Packing and transporting everything to a new place isn’t the most exciting part of moving. In fact, people keep procrastinating. Little do they know, delaying will only make it worse. When it comes to settling in NYC, the road is tough. There’s so much to do and not a lot of room to work it out.

It is best to plan your move beforehand. Hiring a professional moving service you trust and having your belongings moved by experts will make your transition easy and smooth.  

  1. Hiring professionals with no NYC experience

When comparing your options, always prefer movers who have experience working in the NYC. Having a professional mover who understands the minutia of providing moving services within New York City can make a huge difference.

Since they have done this before, they know the city and its rules. For instance, factors like maneuvering furniture through narrow spaces and parking on a busy road are already taken care of. Professional movers who cover the NYC also know the number of people required to make a move successful in NYC. One person should always remain in the truck to move the truck around if need be.

  1. Selecting moving date – without keeping NYC in mind!

Don’t forget the busy streets of NYC when planning your move date. You don’t want more hassle so picking a weekend should be out of the question. Because the streets are packed and crowded, reserving the elevator for carrying your belongings can be rather impossible.

Even if your new home is in a walk-up building, carrying out the moving task with people going in and coming out can be tough. It causes nuisance and even becomes very confusing for the movers. Only if you are moving into a boutique apartment or home – with your private entrance and storage place – moving date wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

However, it is still important that you plan according to your schedule and observe the city you are moving into before planning your move-in date.

  1. Moving to NYC without savings

Do not underestimate the expenses of living in NYC. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and still planning to shift, it is important to have enough money in hand before you are ready to move.

Plan your savings just like you plan your packing for a smooth shift. It is also important to prepare your mind before making this big decision. To some people – especially those from smaller cities – this can be a sticker shock. When you keep spending $20 bill every other day, it can become challenging to adjust.

Move around and become familiar with the lifestyle and regular expenditures of living in NYC. Remember, having savings is a safe choice.

  1. Moving during winters

This is a major mistake you can make if the moving date and time are in your control. If you have a deadline to meet, there’s no way you can ignore this. But if you are planning your move by yourself, it’s safe to wait until the weather is warm.

Winter in NYC can be extremely harsh. So avoid moving around January, February, and even March. You can thank us later. While there’s no way to predict how the day turns out in NYC, but planning a move in winter can be challenging for you. Even when you hire professionals, there are many things you need to take care own. And when the weather becomes brutal, moving would be impossible.

  1. Giving delicate and important items to movers to transport

Not only for NYC, but this factor is also important regardless of where you are moving. Besides all the other tips you are following before moving to NYC, this one’s essential too.

It is best to keep valuables and delicate items such as collectibles, jewelry, expensive electronics, and other sentimental items as a hand-carry with yourself. Don’t take the risk of allowing your precious belongings to sit in an open truck right in the middle of NYC for even a brief period.


Hiring companies that guarantee to transport all your personal items with great care and also assure punctuality with pickup and delivery time is a good choice. If you know someone who has moved recently, ask them about their experience to make an informed decision.


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