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6 tips for Efficient flooring care while relocation

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Ready to move into your new home? It’s evident that since you are moving into a new location, new neighbourhood and new home, you must be excited, but have you thought of what could go wrong? While you are relocating, flooring is that part of your home which bears the maximum damage and instantly converts your home from a  masterpiece to an unappealing site. Want to avoid that situation? Listed below are 6 tips which are sure shot lifesavers for you when it comes to relocation.

Use doormats

Floor damage is not only caused by the sliding of furniture on the floor but dust, dirt and pebbles could damage the flooring surface as well. Make sure that you place a great quality floor mate outside the entrance, so the amount of dirt entering your house comes down to negligible. For enhanced results, put mats one inside the door and one outside the door, so they efficiently catch all the pebbles and dirt.

Cardboards to the rescue

One of the best ways to protect your hardboards from scratching and spilling is to use cardboard. Place cardboards on the floor and stick them with the help of strong tape. Now that you have them in place, you can easily slide or place the furniture on them. This trick helps in providing efficient coverage against dust and mud as well.

Use furniture dollies and sliders

The safest and most efficient way to transport furniture and bulky items in the house without damaging the flooring is by using furniture dollies and sliders. Residential moving services have these available with them at all times for best services. These equipment have large rubber wheels or plastic coated with hard rubber for easy movement and minimal damage. Dollies are the best options as it removes half of the stress on your body while keeping your home clean and scratch free.

Create a pathway

Creating a pathway is a significant step when it comes to moving products in and out of the house. You can use a variety of products to create the path such as cardboard and plywood sheets. You can also use furniture blankets for smooth movement of heavy objects. This line of defence ensures easy transportation, and it always works best for carpeted floors. You can use masonite floor protection and rug runners as well for better results.

Forget hand trucks

You must have heard of hand trucks before, right? These have served to be quite useful for transporting heavy and fragile objects. These trucks seem to be most dangerous for your floors and walls and can leave many marks and scratches which will difficult to hide. Any experienced residential movers or commercial moving company would avoid using hand trucks and stick to sliders or dollies for providing efficient services.

Mix them up

Who said that you only have to use one element at a time? The idea is to ensure that your flooring is protected against any unforeseen and foreseen damage and if using a number of these elements together work for you, then go for it. For example, place mats on the inside and outside of the door and also create a pathway using cardboard or ram boards to protect carpeted floor as well. Also, use dollies for smooth movement of the furniture.

With these fantastic tips in mind and practical usage, you will be proud of yourself when you see minimal damage on your floor. Wait no more and get started on these tips to maintain the beauty of your new home.




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