7-day detox challenge to help control your skin

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7-day detox challenge to help control your skin


A skin detox doesn’t mean you’ll be taking extreme measures to get a natural glow. In fact, you’ll be doing things that will benefit your entire body. Here’s a 7-day detox plan that will help you prioritise healthy skin.



Stay hydrated


It’s recommended that you drink at least 8 cups of water per day, but that can be incredibly difficult to do, especially on your busier days. To kickstart your detox, drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up and make sure to carry a water bottle around with you everywhere you go. This will make you feel more energised, cleanse your body of toxins, and help to keep your skin soft and dewy.



Be mindful of your diet


A huge part of your detox will involve being mindful about what you eat. Foods such as red meat, diary and sugar are known to irritate your skin, so instead try to focus on eating lean proteins, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating well can help to fight inflammation and keep collagen fibres tight. Of course, we don’t need to mention how harmful things like alcohol, smoking and excessive caffeine consumption can be on your skin. For this week, forego them altogether.



Get your 8 hours of sleep


It’s midweek, so if you haven’t already had a good nights sleep yet then tonight is the night. There’s certainly some truth in the phrase ‘beauty sleep’, and we can prove it, just see how good your skin looks and feels after a restful 8 hours.



Time to get energetic


You might be thinking – how can exercise benefit my skin? Getting your heart pumping increases blood flow and helps to nourish your skin cells. We won’t get into the science behind it, but we also know that it carries away waste products from working cells. Hit the gym, go for a jog or enjoy a bike ride and you’re bound to see (and feel) the benefits.



Exfoliate wisely


Exfoliation is the key to your skin’s success. It’s so important to remove any dead skin that can cause a dull and dry complexion and clog your pores. It also leads the way for moisturiser that will penetrate more deeply into your skin and therefore provide more hydration.  Once you’ve exfoliated and moisturised, your skin will also be in the best condition it can be to apply natural fake tan. Make Friday night your pamper night.



Whip up a DIY facemask


Now that the weekend is here you should have plenty of time to whip up a fresh facemask that will provide your skin with the nutrients it deserves. Making your own facemask means you’ll know exactly which ingredients are in it, allowing you to steer clear of any chemical nasties that might cause your skin some trouble. Create your own or check out some of these great natural facemasks.



Give your skin time to breathe


It’s important to give your skin some time to breathe so if you can, go without makeup on Sunday. Yes, it’ll probably feel weird at first, but your skin will definitely thank you for it. Who knows, after your detox, you might want to go barefaced a few days a week.





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