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Beyond the Ring: Men’s Wedding Accesory guide

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The Men’s Guide to Wedding Accessories beyond Men’s Wedding Bands

Many people view the wedding as a formal event, but in reality, it is much more than that especially when it comes to men. From hopping dozens of shops to browsing several websites online, the shopping for men’s accessories for the wedding seems to be a never-ending affair. However, most people consider shopping for men a standard procedure and try too hard, but in the end, it all comes to the basic essentials.

A wedding is like a business conference which requires a unique dress code like the men’s suit, a white shirt that goes well with the suit and certain accessories that highlight the overall attire. Of course, the main deal is the men’s wedding band, but there are other accessories too that play an important role in making the groom stand out on his wedding day.

Here are some of the men’s wedding accessories other than the wedding band that enhance both the personality and the attire:

The Suit

The black suit is not only known for being a perfect groom’s dress, but it is also cherished among most men for its class and style factor. However, when you shop for wedding suits for men ensure checking the breadth, quality, and most importantly whether the style caters to your taste preferences or not.

Thanks to the modern technology, shopping for wedding suits is now easy with the availability of several websites that offer a wide range of men’s wedding suits.

Bow tie

Whatever suit the groom picks along with the color scheme of the wedding, there is a tie to compliment your dress, as well as, the overall wedding setting. From sleek navy silk to formal black tie, you can decide on anything and get it at your fingertips by ordering online. Also, you can make your wedding attire look cool by choosing a bow tie that goes well with a fun shades motif. You can also have the groomsmen following the same pair of shades to give the dress theme a great stylish pattern.

Button Studs and Cufflinks

While a majority of the population considers cufflinks and button studs as very small accessories, these two items have the capability to make or break your dress code. Cufflinks refine the simplicity and class of wedding attire and make the groom look standard in every bit. If you are the bride and want to have your to-be husband on the dance floor, go for vinyl record cufflinks or else selecting the classic silver and gold squares will be a great choice. In case you want everything in pattern with the men’s wedding band, you can choose cufflinks accordingly. Speaking of wedding rings, you can check the wide range of options available on and buy a stylish wedding band for your partner.


Finally, to offer the final touch to your wedding attire, choose a pocket square to make your wedding outfit perfect. Nothing says style more than the aforementioned accessories, hence; make sure you buy them to make your wedding attire extremely stylish and classy.


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