Destinations Every Sports Lover should add to Thier Bucket List

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The Best Travel Destinations That Every Sports Lover Should Visit for The Activities!

The travel and tourism industry has changed significantly over time. Today, it comprises of a lot more than just sea, sand, sun and exotic resorts. Travelers today are adventurous, and they seek excitement and activities wherever they go. That is when sports tourism comes into play, and it is estimated to generate earnings of $1 trillion. If you love sports and traveling, you can now combine both passions! Here are some ideas for you to consider.


Greece for Kayaking

It is easy to feel enchanted by Greece’s beauty, but did you know that the country offers much room for adventure? Here, “Adventure of the Gods” is a popular kayak tour that lasts for four days and takes tourists to multiple islands located in the Ionian Sea. You can camp in the night and kayak through the day, and you will have the quaint towns and intriguing caves to explore.


Amsterdam for Cycling

Cycling and Amsterdam go hand in hand! Known as the “bike-friendly city” around the globe, this is where you will find your fellow cyclists. More than 60% of the locals use bicycles to travel. Furthermore, you will discover numerous bike racks, paths and secured storage services here to keep you assisted in the ride.

In Amsterdam, you also have a popular 4-hour path that spans across 42 kilometers. Here, travelers can ride and explore a series of famous markets, windmills, ring canal and also the famed Heineken brewery. Opt for a guided route or create your own path. You can do both when you are riding around!


Horse racing in Saratoga Springs, New York

Do you love The Black Stallion? If yes, horse racing is your game! With numerous racetracks around the globe, the one in Saratoga Springs is a classic place to be during summer time. Your entire family can witness the races. To have a personal experience, you can also catch a glimpse of the morning workouts and stand at paddock to see the parade.

If your kids love horses, be there at the backyard where your child can touch and interact with an Outrider horse. Get to know about their everyday schedule this way. You can also explore the Six Flags Great Escape amusement park close by. Take a riding lesson at the Old Saratoga Farms if you want to. If you want to know more about the breeders cup hotels, you can search online. There are excellent resources available online.


Skiing in Chamonix, France

When it comes to skiing, the exotic Chamonix in France wins over many other destinations. Here, you can experience the finest skiing facilities. This resort town has 11 ski zones and vertical drops that move atop 9,000 feet after a great snowfall. Here, travelers can have their iconic Alps skiing experience. Situated in a valley, close to the fringes of Switzerland, Italy, and France, Chamonix also welcomes travelers with lodges, restaurants, and an active nightlife. 

Usually, avid travelers are agile and active! It is possible for them to develop a penchant for sports while visiting places. Today, travel organizers are rising to this trend of sports and tourism and are designing attractive packages as well. However, each traveler has a distinct choice. If you love multiple sports, these famous destinations will interest you! 


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