Finding Perfect Makeup that Will Flatter Your Eye Color

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Coming up with your perfect eye makeup look is all about a personalized approach, which basically means that you should always give your best to match your eyeshadow and other makeup products with the color of your eyes. Needless to say, there are particular rules you should stick to if you want to accomplish that like a true pro, so be sure to stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn how to make that happen. Here are useful tips and tricks on how to nail your eye makeup look, as well as some general rules you should follow in order to emphasize your eyes even more, so check them out and enjoy!

Makeup tricks for blue eyes

Speaking of blue eyes, we can definitely say that the majority of people consider these the most attractive and beautiful. If you have blue eyes, we’re sure that you already know what one of your best features is by now, but do you know how to emphasize them even more? If the answer is no, be sure to start taking notes because there are a few amazing tricks on how to get it done. First of all, you should pick eyeshadows in shades like rose gold, brown, and terracotta, which are perfect for your everyday makeup look. However, you should remember that a purple eyeshadow is an ace up your sleeve, as it will really accentuate the blueness. Lavender will work for daytime, whereas deep plum should be your go-to option for evening. Of course, wearing a blue eyeshadow is also okay, just bear in mind that blue shadows that flawlessly match your eye shade can make your eye color look a bit dull and lifeless.

Makeup tricks for green eyes

On the other hand, if you have beautiful green eyes – congratulations because some stats say that only 2% of the overall world’s population has green eyes! You may already know that (almost) all shades of purple look stunning with green eyes simply because they’re on the opposite sides of the color wheel. So, the next time you want to emphasize your eyes, just smoke out your lids with your favorite purple shadow and your green eyes will definitely pop up. However, if you aren’t a fan of powdery eyeshadows, you can always opt for a purple pencil instead and blend it out for a bit of drama. Apart from purple, you should also know that warm colors like gold and copper are fantastic for emphasizing green eyes, so be sure to always pick these instead of cool shades.

Makeup tricks for brown eyes

As brown doesn’t really have an opposite color on the color wheel, the truth is that most eye makeup colors will work for women with brown eyes, which is definitely the good news. However, there’s still a determining factor here, too, and that’s the depth of the eye color. For example, plum, charcoal gray, and forest green will look stunning with deep brown eyes, whereas shades like violet, green, and bronze are perfect for medium brown eyes. On the other hand, champagne tones will flatter light brown and hazel eyes the most, so make sure to pick them if you have a similar eye color.

What are the general rules for emphasizing your eyes?

  • Put a focus on your eyelashes for a more awake look

Everyone knows that a good black mascara is basically the Holy Grail product millions of women swear by, and the reasons for that are more than good. First of all, it can give your lashes more length, thickness, and volume, which significantly contributes to an overall awake look no matter how many hours of sleep you got last night. However, a lot of ladies simply don’t have enough time to do a full makeup look in the morning, which is why eyelash extensions are on the rise these days. If you ask us, you should definitely go for Russian volume lashes, which are one of the most popular styles these days. These will inevitably give your eyes everything they need for a natural yet glamorous eye look, everyone, is craving for nowadays.

  • Don’t forget to highlight your inner corners

Another important step in your overall eye makeup routine is highlighting the inner corner of your eye, which is particularly important if you want your eyes to appear a bit bigger and more open. For this step, you can use either your favorite highlighter or any other shimmery product like a monochromatic eyeshadow – you won’t make a mistake whichever you pick. Apart from the inner corners, you should highlight the area under the brows as well, since this step will emphasize your eyes even more and make them pop up.

As you can see, there are a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to pick a perfect makeup look according to your eye color. All you have to do is to stick to our little guide and success is guaranteed, without a doubt!


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