From lotteries to TV – The internet is doing away with geographical restrictions

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Caption: Netflix has allowed American audiences to enjoy BBC shows 

The internet is the greatest innovation of our time. In the last twenty years, it has helped to break down boundaries and borders, and has made the world a smaller place. In the process, the days of being restricted by one’s geographical location are long gone. New ways to enjoy lotteries and TV shows are prime examples of this and, in the future, it looks as though more industries will follow suit.



It seems crazy to think that in the past, the huge multi-jurisdictional MegaMillions and Powerball lotteries were only available to members of 44 states in America. In terms of actually being able to buy tickets for the draws, they still are. But now internet sites such as Lottoland have made it possible for players outside of those states to enjoy two of the biggest lotteries on the planet. The site isn’t able to offer tickets for Powerball, but instead allows users to bet on the result of the draw. If they are fortunate enough to win, they would receive the same pay-out as if they had a winning ticket.

This is a good way for people all over the world to have a chance of winning MegaMillions, which is notorious for generating some of the highest jackpots on the planet. The site also allows players to stake on famous draws like the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which only occurs once a year but is known for dishing out more cash prizes than any other lottery. Lottery fans now have so many options that they could easily stake on one or two lotteries every day.



Unbelievably, TV viewers were once restricted to only watching shows from certain networks. Netflix has totally changed the game in this regard, and the streaming giants have gradually bought up the rights to various different shows which originally appeared on geographically-specific channels. For instance, there are numerous well-regarded British shows that originally aired on the BBC that American audiences haven’t been able to enjoy until recently.

These include shows like Sherlock, which was initially released for BBC One in 2010. Netflix now has the series on its ever-expanding list, and this has helped lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch earn international fame. It could also have been a contributing factor to him landing the role of Dr Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another award-winning series to be bought up by Netflix is BBC’s gritty police drama Line of Duty. It works the other way as well, and British viewers now have access to a wealth of popular US TV series that they may not have had the chance to see before.

Other industries should look to lotteries and TV and realise that the days of catering for clients in a specific location are long gone. The internet has made the world a borderless place, and the potential of it is endless.





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