How Designer John Bourgeois Of Built His Brand Up Despite Stiff Competition.

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You may have heard of SlimSation before. This is the brainchild of designer John Bourgeois. In a fashion industry worth $2.4 trillion annually, it’s a tough market to break into. There’s so much competition and carving out a position in any niche is tough.

But John has managed to do this with by bringing in his innovative approach to women’s fashion. And now he’s sharing his secrets regarding how he built up his brand in this tough industry.

Why the Women’s Fashion Business is so Tough

The difficulties John experienced in building his business from the ground up boil down to a single factor: competition.

One look at the number of clothing stores and brands of all sizes will tell you everything you need to know about the size of the industry that any newcomer has to tackle.

Another issue is the shifting sands within the fashion business, including the growth of the second-hand fashion market.

John had to negotiate all of these problems in order to find a place for SlimSation to thrive.

Where SlimSation Found a Gap in the Market

John, as the design director of the SlimSation brand, discovered a major gap in the market. He discovered the problem of multiples in the industry.

That means he found a lack of clothing for women that both fit well and created that slim look, and made them look modern and fashionable all at the same time.

This is the gap he exploited and that was the beginning of how SlimSation began to become a major household name.

The Innovation that Made the Brand

Too many fashion brands believe they can create fashionable clothing and make a dent in the industry. There’s simply too much competition, which is a fact that hurts many brands.

So John decided to take SlimSation further than that by coming up with a flexible tummy control panel. It slips inside the clothing and isn’t visible from the outside.

The control panel is present within every SlimSation item. It doesn’t constrict yet it provides full contouring for the waist and makes your stomach look slimmer.

John understood how important branding was and branded himself using a brand new clothing innovation.

A Solid Online and Offline Presence

John also understood that he had to market his new brand correctly. Even with the tummy control panel, he needed people to find out about this new innovation before he could succeed.

He reached out to specialty retailers across the country and managed to get SlimSation products into hundreds of shops across the country.

He also established his online buying platform so that people could discover his products organically online.

And it worked.

Last Word – Conquering the World of Fashion

SlimSation has come a long way since it was nothing more than an idea in John’s head. He’s proud that SlimSation has now become one of the chief retailers of specialty clothing in the US.

John has shown that breaking into one of the most competitive industries in the world is possible.

Have you tried SlimSation products yet?



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