How to Pull Off an Awesome Gender Reveal Party

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You’ve waited months to find out whether you’re carrying a little boy or girl. Though your only true hope is that you have a healthy baby, you’ve been dreaming about your little prince or princess since the moment you found out you were expecting. Now that you’re halfway through your pregnancy and have the option to learn the news, it’s only right that you celebrate this news with others. Sure, you could always call everyone and let them know, however, many couples have started hosting a gender reveal parties instead.


What’s a Gender Reveal Party?

Thanks to modern technology, expectant parents are able to find out the sex of their unborn child as early as 16 weeks into the pregnancy. Often planned before the baby shower, couples have started hosting a party in which they share the gender of their child with friends and family. Unlike a baby shower, everyone is invited (guys and children included), and gifts are optional.

The climax of the event, however, is the actual reveal. Some couples prefer to know the sex during the ultrasound while others wait and have someone else learn the sex and reveal it to the party as a surprise to everyone. Either way, it can be a lot of fun to share the news this way. If it sounds like something that interests you, here are some tips you’ll need to host an amazing event:

  • Choose a Theme – Most gender reveal parties have a theme that meshes both boy and girl decor together. Some examples might include going with the traditional pink and blue decor or going with two themes like a prince and princess or sports and cheerleaders. Essentially, the idea is not to give away the gender in the decor but to keep your guests curious throughout the entire event.
  • Pick Decorations – Your decorations for the event should coincide with the overall theme of things. If you went for the traditional pink and blue, then you’d decorate the entire space with pink and blue ribbons, streamer, and banners. If you chose prince and princesses, then you’d want to have crowns and tiaras throughout the decor. Attendees can hold 36 inch sparklers at the time of the reveal for a stunner of a celebration. Adding sparklers to your event will help ignite everyone at the party. Let alone using these 36 inch sparklers can create some of the most stunning images. We prefer the 36 inch sparkler over smaller options because they have a much longer burn time and produce a bright and big sparkle. 
  • The Gender Reveal – When shopping for decorations, you should also be thinking about the actual reveal. It should be the grand finale of the event and needs to make a statement. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild here. There are awesome products online likegender reveal confetti cannons which spit out pink or blue confetti to reveal the sex of your unborn child. Gender Reveal Celebrations offers a bundle pack of two blue and two pink gender reveal confetti cannons. Every confetti cannon for gender reveals are handmade and pack a bunch. All you need to do is point, twist, and shoot! Let the air fill with bright pink or blue gender reveal confetti.
  • Select Your Games – What’s a celebration without a few games to play? Different than baby shower games, gender reveal games should be all about guests figuring out what the sex of your baby is. For example, you might have a picture of the ultrasound positioned on a table with pieces of paper for everyone to jot down their guess. Another option would be to ask your guests to dress in the color of the gender they believe the baby to be. Whoever wins, of course, will need to get an awesome prize.
  • Put Together a Menu – You’ll need to have some good grub on hand for your guests to indulge in. Depending on your budget you can make this as basic or elaborate as you’d like. A budget-friendly option would be to have refreshments, appetizers, or ask your guests to bring a dish. If you have more money to blow, you can spring for a caterer to make all of your favorite cravings right now.

That’s really all there is to it. Gender reveal parties are a fun new trend that couples have hosted as a way to celebrate the arrival of the precious little boy or girl with those they love most. You can easily plan an awesome reveal party and make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like. As long as you have great food, fun games, and a grand reveal moment, your friends and family will be truly amazed.


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