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Is your garden child friendly?

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When you have children to entertain, having an outdoor space of your own is a blessing! But did you know that your garden could be harbouring all manner of hidden dangers? With summer fast approaching everyone will be spending more hours outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, but before you slap on the sunscreen and pull on a summer hat, take a moment to ensure that your garden is a safe haven for everyone to enjoy this summer.

Toxic Plants

If you have young babies or toddlers, you’ll know that they explore by putting objects and things in their mouths. Meaning that mum and dad are often watching them closely. You might not think there’s any cause for concern in your garden that’s full of soft grass and lush, colourful plants. But, maybe you should think again. If you want the lowdown on plants and trees for your garden discover The Tree Center. If you’ve recently moved to a property, consider doing a little research on what you have growing in your outdoor space.

Encourage your older children to always ask before they touch any plants or head into any overgrown areas. That way if they ever visit a friend or neighbours garden, they know to be cautious. If your little one simply won’t leave your plants alone, then why not dedicate a small area that’s just for them. Keep it safe and simple with pretty flowers and plastic gardening tools so they can rake, plant and make mud pies to their hearts content.

Safe water features

Most parents would rather not bother with the hassle and potential danger of open water in their gardens. But if you live in rented property you may not have a choice. You could always cover the pond with netting to keep it safe and always ensure your little one can’t gain access to the garden unless you are with them.

If you’d still like an element of water for your children to enjoy whilst supervised then you could always opt for some water toys like a bubble fountain or a paddling pool. Just always remember to empty it when it’s not in use.

The ground

Grass is usually the best bet for young children, as it provides some cushioning should they fall. Wood is also better than stone or concrete, but wood can sometimes be slippery underfoot, particularly after heavy rainfall or damp weather.

Many parents go for artificial grass as it’s a perfectly soft surface and it’s much easier to maintain than a traditional lawn. It also won’t be damaged if the paddling pool is left sat on it all afternoon.

Create a safe area

All kids love to explore, so why not make sure that the part of the garden that’s just out of sight is perfectly safe for them to call their own. After all, a den made from cardboard boxes and old sheets is much better than that brand new play house they got for Christmas, right?

Find the Right Storage

Using this sentence – Making your garden “garden friendly” can be quite hard. Looking into buying a summer house or large shed can really help you do this. This way you have a lot more storage for you to keep your garden tidy. projecttimber.com has a variety of summer houses and sheds for you to choose from.


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