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They say it’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. Well, travel and fashion bloggers and influencers who have been all over the globe prove that it’s about the both. In order to enjoy your travels fully, you simply require both items that will make the journey and the destination as pleasant, pampering and stylish as possible. So, who better to turn to when compiling a list of the absolute luxury essentials for your next trip than the people who’ve been globe-trotting for years now, and know all the tricks of the trade? Therefore, we bring you all the picks from some of the most famous travel and fashion influencers. So, read on, stock up and set off in style.

Matters of the plane

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Whether you travel by plane, train, or car, the first thing you need is your makeup case which contains all your go-to skincare products. For many, like the beauty blogger and globe-trotter Desi Perkins, this includes a sheet mask, a face mist, and a moisturizer. There are two items  she mentions that come with a price tag matching the rave reviews the products got, and the products in question are the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Mask. This is one of the beauty bloggers with the most incredible skin out there, and if these are her travel must-haves, then we simply must snag them as well. Now, in order to tune out the noise, always bring great noise-canceling headphones, so if you don’t have a pair, make sure you get one, because it will make your trip that much more comfortable. A silk eye mask is another pampering goodie you have to carry with you, along with hand cream, and perhaps even a good book.

Other means of travel

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If they’re not flying, they’re definitely doing road-trip luxury style. Most travel bloggers who prefer cars over planes when the destination allows it opt for something not only luxurious, but also fast, comfortable and dependable, such as Ford SUVs and SUVs in general. Vehicles of this kind are meant for long and comfortable drives, and the trunk can handle all the goodies they wish to pack, so when it comes to ‘land’ vehicles, the SUV is the way to go.

The airport style


It seems that ever since Victoria Beckham said that the airport is her runway, what we choose to wear when we travel has become more relevant than ever. Taking a page from one of the biggest influencers of today – the supermodels, luxury athleisure attire seems to be the obvious choice. You can choose between a mixture of dressy and athleisure, and dress up like Haley Baldwin – plaid tuxedo dress and sneakers. There is the other road – casual meets sporty – Karlie Kloss with her hoodie and a trench coat, topped off with stretchy black jeans and ballerina flats, or go full athleisure mode a la Bella Hadid and rock a designer tracksuit, a killer bag, and the inevitable trendy sunglasses.

The versatile item

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The adorable girl behind the Girl vs. Globe travel blog says she would never travel without a big chic scarf. It will make sure you’re cozy and warm on the plane – you don’t want to catch a cold, and it’s also a great companion during the entire trip, as it’s easy to fold and put in your bag, but always there if the weather surprises you. What is more, if it’s large enough, you can transform it into anything from a summer dress to a cute top. Stylish and practical at the same time! Her personal skincare must-have is coconut oil, which again makes practical sense as you can use it as a makeup remover, body lotion, moisturizer – it covers all your skincare needs.

A friendly reminder

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First of all, you should know that hats are totally back in style, especially when it comes to resort collections, and the turban trend, brought by Marc Jacobs, seems to be gaining popularity with influencers as well.  So, choose one or both headpieces and make yourself seen. Now, according to One Way Ticket, she always brings a big hat to protect herself from too much sun, and aside from safety, this accessory comes in real handy when you’re having a bad hair day. In addition to that, it works in all climates, no matter whether it’s  summer or winter.

Amazing luggage

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Of course, every fashion and travel blogger and influencer will tell you to pre-plan your outfits, so you avoid over or under packing – unless you know there’s laundry service at your hotel; in that case you can even go easy on your suitcase. Bring comfortable shoes – for those long sight-seeing walks. Definitely bring along at least one evening dress – polka dots are in full swing, but so are pastels and sheer dresses, so take your pick. A fanny pack or a belt bag is a total life saver, and a season staple. You must snag a Gucci or a Kate Spade one. They’re cool, stylish, and you’re always sure your belongings are as close to you as possible. Of course, culottes, striped shirts, retro swimsuits – these are all almost mandatory, and finally, you need a great-looking luggage to place all your goodies in, so make sure you get only crème de la crème and your packing is over. Now go on your way, and live that lush life for the next several days.


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