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MBA options in Italy for english speakers

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Many students around the world exert their focus on English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom when seeking to take up an MBA program from an internationally-recognized institution. There is no doubt that many of these institutions have the reputation and are of high quality when providing practical office experience to the students. However, this doesn’t imply that many of the popular countries of the world are not on par when it comes to providing high-quality global education.

Recently, Italy has gained an increasing reputation as a top destination for those seeking to pursue an MBA degree irrespective of their specialization. There is nothing more interesting and more practical than studying business in English (the universal global language for business) and learning the Italian language and culture. Additionally, the benefits that await you from visiting Rome, taking a trip to the Vatican, together with the vibrant food culture, historical locations, and the beautiful scenery, study MBA in Italy in English is one opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

It gets even better if your choice is the Bologna Business School. The institution is an international community that comprises of people from different countries (over 95), ruminating ideas, the haring network of friends and associates, and executing original projects.

The Bologna Business School is an arm of the University of Bologna and is often regarded as the oldest university in the Western world. Located in Villa Guastavillani, a 16th-century residence in Italy, this is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and attractive locations in all of Europe.

The MBA in Italy in English program offered at the Bologna Business School will provide you with a solid foundation in management principles that can be extended across various industries and several sectors of any economy. With the vast knowledge accrued within the institution, you will be given the capability to build your professional career and turn your passion into success. The program is fully accredited by the EPA which is an international accreditation system of the European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD).

What industry or sector do you want to focus on? Is it corporate finance, luxury goods, green energy and sustainable business, automation, innovation, or marketing? You don’t have to worry as there are over 40 MBA programs built to cater for different passions and different career paths all leading to successful professional life.

With over 600 students enrolling each year, and more than 350 faculty members, the Bologna Business School has been able to nurture more than 8,000 alumni with direct networking links to 500 plus companies, and 9 international partners around the world.

The Bologna Business School embraces dynamism and helps create an entrepreneurial world where value and growth are never compromised. Apply for the MBA in Italy in English today, and experience what it feels like to study in Italy!

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