Sexting for Work – The Women Working in the Modern Online Adult Chat Industry

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A lot of people enjoy sexting with their partners or potential dates – in fact it has been reported that 88% of 18-82-year olds have tried it at least once. Whether it is a hot way to spice up a long-term relationship or marriage, a way to connect when you are apart from your partner, or a spicy way to flirt when you’re dating, there is no doubt that sending and receiving sexually charged instant messages and texts is something a lot of people are doing. But did you know that there are also people who are professional sexters?

Most people are aware that phone sex chat lines have been around for a long time, and before the internet, were something that people would use by calling up premium rate numbers found in newspapers and adult magazines. While these services do still exist, the internet has given us lots of new ways to have communication based adult entertainment, such as web cam channels, and sexting is another way that people can access adult services.

Who Works in the Sexting Industry?

In general, people using sexting platforms want to chat with people who meet with their tastes and are open to discussing the types of fantasies they have. Photo sharing is a big part of sexting, so in general there is a lot less acting and a lot more realism than on the old-fashioned sex lines. There were often jokes that the women working on the phone sex numbers were old ladies doing their knitting while they chatted, because after all, all they needed was a nice voice and a good imagination!

With sexting, however, even though the women who work on the platforms do generally work ‘as themselves’ and send real pictures, and talk with their own personalities, there is so much diversity in terms of what type of person people want to talk to that they are not all glamour models. In fact, some users may prefer to talk to old ladies!

This means the women people are chatting to on services like Arousr come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, but while they are all different types of people, they do have some things in common, such as an open mind, an enjoyment of fun, sexy banter, and a friendly, approachable way of talking to their clients (unless of course, they are on the dominatrix side!).

How Do They Work?

The girls who work for adult chat and sexting platforms work from home and choose when they will be available online to talk to people. This makes it a good kind of flexible online work, and so some women do it full time, whereas others use it as a part time secondary income. There are people who want to sext at all different times, so it can be suitable work for girls who are studying, have kids, or just about any other kind of lifestyle commitments that mean they’d rather work in the evening than during normal office hours, too.

The people who earn money using these systems do have a lot of freedom in terms of who they talk to, and many of them generally rely on long term customers who want to chat with them regularly, who the girls often come to think of as online friends. For safety reasons, they are not allowed to arrange to meet personally and it is advised that they don’t make it possible for their clients to find their real-life identities. However, building up friendships over time is far from uncommon, and many girls report that they often spend time chatting to clients about non-sexual topics, and just talk as friends about things that interest them like music or TV shows!

When working on a sexting platform, it is also possible for the women to specify what they are and are not prepared to talk about when it comes to sexual fantasies. This is good for both clients and workers, as it means the workers know they are not expected to go along with concepts that make them uncomfortable. It also lets the users know that they will only be matched with people who aren’t opposed to their particular kink or likely to judge.

What Do They Think About the Work?

We spoke to some of the girls who work at, and they reported that as well as the convenience and flexibility of doing online work from home, there were a lot of things they liked about the job. All of them said that they do find chatting with some of their clients genuinely arousing, and also that the conversations and banter could be a lot of fun. One girl said that due to her social anxiety in the real world, sexting with people from the site gave her a chance to enjoy a lot more free social contact with other people, and to flirt and have fun in ways she wouldn’t easily be able to face to face. Another said that she actively looks forward to working when she knows she will be talking to someone she already knows and who she has fun with.

Of course, not every conversation the girls have is with someone they find exciting, funny or interesting, but it wouldn’t be work if every moment was just chatting to their mates! In general, the positives that they reported seemed to more than outweigh the downsides, like having to deal with the odd rude or annoying person, and the girls all said that they felt safe and well protected by the site’s policies.

It is interesting to see how the sex chat industry has evolved with the way we use technology, and now not only provides interesting and pleasant work for the right sort of people, but also gives users a consequence free, enjoyable way to explore their sexy fantasies on their phones!

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