The Importance of a Quality Vape Juice

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You know you should look for something more than just vape juice when buying your supplies. Keep in mind that only good ingredients and careful testing delivers a product that can guarantee your health and great vaping experience.

Soothing the Brain

Mental health is a key element for the cognitive and emotional system. If your mental health is unwell, it compromises both these systems.  These systems develop during adolescence and are vital to function and stay attentive.

Sub-par Nicotine can aid developing psychiatric issues or even lead to cognitive impairment. Therefore, it is of essence that you use a high-quality e-liquid even if it is a diy e liquid. This will help you to manage negative emotions without impairing your mental health.

Being an Addict

Long-term addiction to nicotine, especially vapes shouldn’t damage your mental health as long as you use a good juice. The longer you are addicted, the strong your addiction gets.  With the fact that most smokers start at the ripe age of 15-18, this is a concern.

As tobacco poses many health risks, e-cigs only has an issue with addiction, and that too if the liquid used is not of good quality. The issue remains as more receptors mean harder struggle with nicotine craving.

Everyone has a certain amount of nicotine receptors in the brain, and when you start smoking or consuming nicotine, these receptors multiply. The worse part is, they don’t go away when you stop smoking.

Therefore, the use of nicotine quickly turns into an addiction even if the user uses tobacco-free odourless vapes with e-cig kit. The reason is, nicotine can trigger the release of neurotransmitters including dopamine and adrenaline.

This affects the body as dopamine floods neuroactivity while nicotine increases your craving.

E-cigs which is heavily promoted as a substitute for smoking only works if the user uses good vape juice. Otherwise, he ends up becoming addicted to both.  The same phenomena of tobacco cigarettes can happen with e-cigs if the vape juice is sub-standard.

What Should You Look for?

Apart from the obvious loops like good packing and a trusted brand name, you need to tell good quality yourself. For instance, do you know companies test acetyl propionyl and diacetyl in the final step of e-liquid production? Trustable companies source their ingredients from reputed suppliers bulk e-juice liquids.

Quality starts at supply chain and ends at vaping experience. The ingredient list is extensive that goes through careful testing and standard processing. The food flavoring used should be approved by authorities like Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association.

Common ingredients used to formulate a vape liquid are Nicotine, glycol, propylene, and vegetable glycerine. Nicotine concentration is verified by testing including Performance Liquid Chromatography or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. These should be labeled in packaging.

Lastly, the juice you use should be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl as they lead to popcorn lung or Bronchiolitis Obliterans. These compounds are used in paint, ink, and pesticide. While they are naturally found in daily products and safe to ingest, they do pose risks if inhaled.

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