The Most Romantic Ideas for Your Wedding Day

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We are all romantics at heart, even the ones that deny it. However, romance doesn’t have to be cheesy, and it shouldn’t be forced either. Romance should feel natural and it should be all about celebrating the special bond that two people share. If you want your wedding day to be romantic without being too cheesy, we have some ideas that will touch a string even in the hearts of the most pragmatic and cold wedding guests.

Ask your guests for funny or meaningful marriage advice

The wedding guestbook is incredibly boring and few people bother to open it after the wedding. A better way to remember the people that came to your wedding would be to have them all write special messages and out them in a piñata that you can open on your one year wedding anniversary.         You could also consider asking your guests for some fun pieces of advice. For example, you could print some cards with funny questions like: “What should we name our kids?” or “How to handle the first date of our child?”

Order custom wedding songs

Although we all love Ed Sheeran, it is about time we played something else at wedding receptions. Indeed, music and love go hand in hand, but you can express your love a lot better through custom wedding songs. Imagine a song with lyrics that perfectly describe your love store, a song with music that suits the taste of both you and your partner. To order a song that will really bring your love story to life, check out Lindsey Harper. She is the best singer/songwriter in Los Angeles and she will turn your most important day into an extraordinary day!

Opt for a special aisle runner

Instead of a traditional aisle runner, consider something out of the ordinary that will truly make your ceremony special. For example, you could decorate it with rose petals, arranged in an artistic way. Or you could opt for a carpet printed with pictures of you and your partner, or with messages that describe your love story.

Choose special table numbers

Table numbers are necessary, but they don’t have to be just numbers. You can opt for numbers that have a significance for you and your partner, such as the day you met, the day you got engaged, the number of kids that you want to have and so on. Another idea would be to place pictures of you and your partner from ages that match the table number.

Take romantic advice from your guests

Instead of having your guests simply sign their names and write a generic wish in the guestbook, ask them for some marriage advice. You can make this idea even funnier by asking them to write some date night ideas. You could also consider turning a photo of you and your partner into an oversized puzzle, and have the guests write their messages on puzzle pieces.

Make a wedding time capsule

As special as your wedding day will be, you will most likely forget a lot of details. However, you can take a walk down memory lane a few years from now, if you out together a wedding time capsule. You can fill it with different items from the wedding, and you can make it even more special if both you and your partner write each other a love letter. Just imagine how overwhelming it will be to relive the emotions of this day a few years from now.

Be yourselves!

As we already said, romance should feel natural, so don’t try to force it. Celebrate the things that make the two of you unique, and don’t worry about what other people might think. If you don’t want a traditional white dress, wear something in which you feel more comfortable. If you are not big on flowers, choose simpler wedding decorations. If you don’t feel comfortable reciting cheesy wedding vows, say something simple yet meaningful. No matter what you do, remember that this day is about the love that the two of you share, so don’t force anything that doesn’t feel comfortable.

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