Tips for Getting an Authentic New York City Experience

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New York City is a destination which is on almost every traveler and holiday maker’s to-see list! With amazing landmarks to visit, incredible shows to see and many wonderful shops to explore, there is more to do in the Big Apple than one person could possibly dream of trying out in just one visit. If you are trying to narrow down the list of places you’d like to go in NYC during your stay, then you might like to visit some of the more authentic sights that locals experience every day, rather than just sticking to the standard tourist areas. If that is the case, then here are a few tips for getting an authentic New York City experience.

Try out the Museums

New York City is home to a wide variety of museums, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the to American Museum of Natural History. Take a break from the busy streets of the city, and head indoors to soak up some cultural. Pick a museum which will peak your interest, whether that modern art, dinosaurs, language or culture.

Go to a Game

If you are visiting America from an international city, then it’s possible you have never been to a baseball game before; and if you want an authentic NYC experience, this is something you’ll need to remedy as soon as possible! Check out the ticket sales for some upcoming games, and take to the stands to be a part of a treasured American pastime.

Visit the High Line

The High Line was once a railroad track used for cargo trains. However, it has been transformed into a public park which is raised above the rest of the city. It is over a mile long and perfect for taking a calming stroll, or enjoying a relaxing picnic in the park; If you are looking to take a break from the chaotic nature of NYC, then this elevated park is in perfect contrast to the ever busy city at ground level, and could provide the respite that you are looking for.

Explore the markets

Everyone knows just how many large shops and department stores there are in NYC, but not as many tourists think to head to the markets to get their shopping fix. Brooklyn Flea Market is home to lots of handmade and vintage goods, such as antiques and original jewelry. Another great location to visit is the Chelsea Market, where you can spend hours just sampling artisan culinary creations, such as gelato, wine, and fresh pasta.

Head to Central Park

If you are looking to combine tourism with local hot spots, then Central Park is one of the most obvious destinations for your travels around the city. Central Park is one of those places where you can always discover something new, from castles to lakes and live performances, this is more than just your average patch of greenery, and it is definitely an experience not to be missed.

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