10 Hairstyles You Should Try This Summer

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Summer is here, and whether you’re planning on bobbing to the beach, a barbecue bash or being in the garden, it’s a great opportunity to try out some new looks and hairstyles.

High Ponytail

It’s a hot day and all you want to do is get your hair off your neck. A high ponytail is an easy fix for this. It’s got a bit more flair than your everyday ponytail and it can provide extra volume.

Messy Bun

It’s effortless and elegant all wrapped into one. All you have to do is pull your hair on top of your head and away you go. To soften it even more, have some curls coming down from it.

Fishtail Plaits

These are a glamorous way of getting your hair out your face. Don’t worry, they’re easier to do than they look. You can go for one or two, either way you’ll be looking lovely.

Beach Waves

It’s timeless and for very good reason. It’s natural chic, giving you a glowing beach vibe wherever you go.

Half Up, Half Down

Can’t quite decide on whether you want your hair up or down? Why not both? It’s a look that you can take from day to night

Braided Headband

It may look quite intricate, but in reality it’s a very simple look to achieve. Your hair can act as its own accessory.


Pinned Back

If you’re tired of stray hairs getting in your way, the good-old bobby pin can be a simple fix. Clip a couple of pieces behind your ears and away you go.

Sharp Bob

This style seems to be all the rage this summer. It’s a cut to suit all kinds of hair, how sharp or soft you wear it is up to you.

Loose Lob

Maybe you’re not ready to make the full cut to a bob. So why not try the lob? Shorter hair doesn’t stop you from experimenting with a whole heap of styles.


If you don’t want to change the length of your hair, but still fancy a change, you could get a fringe. There are a surprising number of styles you can try. You can ask your hairdresser which one would be best for you.

If you’re a hairdresser, any one of these styles would be great to try with your clients for summer events they’ve got lined up. They’re so versatile they could be styled at prom, a wedding, or garden party. You can get all the products you need with Capital Hair and Beauty.  


Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs. She is passionate writer, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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