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4 Growing Markets To Keep An Eye On

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For investors and entrepreneurs, there are few things more exciting than an emerging market. These countries have the potential to become a developed market, and it is a good opportunity to make a lot of money. Therefore, it is always worth keeping an eye on any market which is undergoing a boom as investing in a company or even starting a business here could prove to be very lucrative provided you jump on the bandwagon early enough. Below is a look at a few key markets which are worth keeping an eye on as they are currently undergoing a transformation and could be an important player in the near future:

  1. China

Perhaps the most obvious market to keep a close eye on is China, which is undergoing huge growth and manufactures and assembles goods which are in high demand all around the world. It is officially a Communist nation with the government promoting private ownership, entrepreneurial ventures and international investment, so it is perfect for an investor looking to make money from an emerging market, and there is still room to grow before it becomes a developed economy.

  1. India

India has undergone enormous growth following a program of economic liberalization in 1991, and its gigantic population and low starting point ensure that it can sustain faster average long-term growth than anywhere else. English is also one of the two official languages of the Government which makes it the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world.

  1. Africa

The entire continent of Africa is seeing economic growth at the moment which means that it could certainly be a market to watch out for and especially when you consider that 1.3 billion of the 2.4 billion people to join the world over the next 30 years will be African. The key sectors that have triggered this growth and should be looked at closely include FinTech, sports betting, digital healthcare, renewable energy, urban transportation, and fashion. This was outlined by an informative infographic put together by the team at Sage, which highlights the six sectors transforming Africa’s economy.

  1. Saudi Arabia

It was recently announced that Saudi Arabia (and Argentina) will be reclassified as an emerging market ahead of the market listing of the state-controlled energy giant Aramco in Saudi Arabia, which could become the biggest publicly traded company in the entire world. Saudi Arabia has been attempting to open itself up to foreign investors for a long time, and it seems that there could be a tremendous amount of money pumped into their local stock market in the near future.

These are the four markets that any entrepreneurs or investor looking to make money and jump on the bandwagon early should look into. While some have been emerging markets for a long time, there are also others that are currently emerging or growing which could be a fantastic opportunity and a great way to make good money. There will always be risks and challenges when it comes to investing in an emerging market, so it is always important to keep an eye on the latest news and use your instinct or seek expert advice.

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