4 Illegal Accessories to Use on Vehicles

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Customizing the inside and outside of your car is a good way to show your personality. Many products can be installed or placed on or in your car to dress it up. However, some modifications are not allowed by law in most states.

Neon Lights

Most states do not allow neon undercarriage lights or hubcap lights. Most lights on a vehicle should be white, red, yellow or amber. The lights in front of a car should be white, yellow or amber and on the back of a car red or amber.

State laws do vary, but neon lights are not allowed in most states because they may be taken advantage of by people trying to impersonate police cars. Check your state’s DMV website to find out what type of lights are allowed on your vehicle.

Dark Tinted Windows

While most cars feature tinted windows to protect those in the car from the sun, they are lightly tinted so other people can see inside of the vehicle. Using dark tinting is illegal in most states because police officers cannot see inside of the car.

Also, dark window tinting placed on a windshield or the back window is a safety concern. At night, it could be difficult to see out of those windows. A window tinting company can give you advice about how dark your windows can be legally.

License Plate Frames

In many states, license plate frames are illegal if they somehow obstruct the view of the plate number. Since most police cars have a license plate reader to check the status of vehicles, the plate needs to be free from obstructions.

If it’s not, you can receive a ticket for having the frame on the car.

Instead of adding a potentially illegal license plate frame on your car, consider finding legal accessories with which to personalize it. There are many ways to find accessories to dress up your vehicle to reflect your personality. You can see more cute car accessories on this website.

Radar Detectors

There are only two places where it is explicitly illegal to have and use a radar detector in the United States, in Washington DC and Virginia. While they are not necessarily illegal in other states in private vehicles, where they are mounted could be a problem.

If you mount a radar detector on your window or dashboard where it could obstruct your view, then you will be pulled over in most states. The driver’s line of sight should not be blocked while driving.

Also, even though they are legal in most states, using them could be illegal, and police can detect them. Having and using radar jammers is against federal law, and you cannot have radar detectors in commercial or military vehicles.

If you have a radar detector in your private vehicle, keep it off the dash or window whenever you’re traveling to play it safe. There are many ways to give your car some style and personality, just make sure the equipment or accessories that you’ve chosen are legal to use.


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