4 Romantic Getaways Couples Can Retreat To

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There was a time when a flower bouquet was enough to get in the romantic zone and make your partner feel loved. But, things have changed now. Today, you need to go the extra mile to impress your partner and show that you actually love.

Couples look for more modern methods when it comes to sparking a fire of love in relationships. A very good and effective method is romantic last Minute getaways.

Romantic getaways aren’t easy to plan since there’s a lot at play. You need to make sure that you both have fun while you’re at it while keeping your budget in mind.

Things can go sideways if considerate thoughts are not given to choosing a place, picking out accommodations etc.

The rule of thumb when it comes to rocking a romantic getaway is to choose a place that fills you both with excitement and offers new experience. According to reports, couples who are exposed to newer experiences in terms of travelling tend to be more romantic.

You should ideally do something that you haven’t done before and you both have an interest in. It can be anything from exploring a new place to trying a new activity.

So, without much ado, let’s look at four romantic getaways couples can retreat to:

Cruise Trip

Opting for a cruise trip can help you live an entirely new experience with your spouse. There are few things as exciting and romantic as a cruise trip. You are afloat on water with cool breeze making the ambience even more romantic.

There are different types of cruise trips. You may go for a dinner cruise within your city or pick a cruise that takes you to different shores. While such a trip might be expensive, it is totally worth it because you will get to be together on the cruise while enjoying some great on and off cruise activities.


Couples who are fitness and nature enthusiasts can leave behind their normal jobs for a day or two and go on a hiking expedition. Pack all the necessary supplies and start your day.

You can join a hiking group that’s supervised by an experienced guide or go alone. Joining a group can turn out to be fun as you get to meet new couples and share experiences, and even make great friends on the trip.

If you decide to go on your own then make sure to carry a map so that you don’t lose your way.

A Road Trip

A road trip can turn out to be a great experience, especially if you have not done it before. It may not sound like a romantic thing on paper, but a road trip is very romantic as you get to drive in a car in complete privacy and can stop wherever you want to.

Just plan the trip carefully and carry all that you might need during the trip. Other than this, get your car inspected before you start the journey s that it doesn’t break down during the trip.


If you’re a fun loving couple then spending a few days on a resort can help clear your minds. You can enjoy the beach and take part in different water sports. If this is not your thing, then you can just relax at the resort and enjoy soothing massages from the spa.

Pick a resort that offers a mix of services so that you both have something to do. If you need privacy, you can go for an adult only or couples only resort so that there is nobody to disturb you when you are together.

You can check reviews online to know how good or bad a resort. This will help you make the right decision.



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