48 Hours in Nantucket: How to live that fab life on the island while staying OFF Chadtucket

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Nantucket for the film festival last weekend was electric. I probably ran into more people from NYC over the weekend than I have in the actual city (Nantucket is a small island 30 miles off of cape cod Massachusetts only 14 miles long and 4 miles wide on average). It?s the time of year when NYC?s film & writing elite descend upon this picturesque place.

I flew in on Fly Louie on Friday evening put my bags down and hit downtown #ACK for a late dinner & cocktails. For me it?s always The Proprietors Bar & Table. Yes I am that mixology loving foodie that can annoy people with my discerning palate but let me be clear I am unapologetic in my love and quest for perfection and the cocktails here are just that?PERFECT. Proprietors is sort of dark and inviting and cozy perfect for a June night on Nantucket before a big storm. I sat the bar ordered the tuna poke and the No. 7 and wrote from the bar until it was time to walk over and meet Reggie at the wharf.

Once I grabbed Reggie we decided to hit up the Greydon House for  late night snack and a hot tea. The Greydon House is a bed & breakfast right in town thats both traditional with eclectic touches think Ace hotel meets colonial architecture that?s so very Nantucket. The rooms & suites are designed by NYC legends Roman & Williams (who overhauled this B&B and did flawless job) who always knows how to create that perfect balance between refinement & rebellion which nobody can relate to better than me.  The dining room at Greydon is warm and cozy (think velvet arm chairs & leather couches) with delicious dining options ranging from oysters and crudo to fusilli with veal ragout braised veal cheeks. Let?s just say the exec chef is Marcus Ware (yes from Aureole..drop mic) you must have the baked alaska its to die (for).

Saturday?s schedule was jam packed with Film festival films from ?The Sentence? to ?Come Inside my Mind? (the Robin Williams documentary) to ?Won?t You Be My Neighbor? (the Fred Roger?s documentary) to ?Studio 54? in between these deeply moving, incredibly emotional films we found time to be fabulous. It was a rainy day on the island so as you can imagine the lunch spots were packed to the gills (do you see what I did there?) We had oysters at Cru but it was so packed that we decided to head over to Met on Main which was delicious. Highly recommend the spicy Calamari and pretty much everything and anything else on the menu its that good. Huge portions and flavors on point. Met on Main is described as Casablanca meets Nantucket because of its Moroccan decor and I tend to agree although if you know me you know I like it there for the bee-pollen and wheatgrass shooter. (Yes I am both a health nut and an insufferable foodie and yes you can be both) Saturday evening was spent at Dune where after a day of schlepping around in the rain we were ready for a warm delicious meal and a casual chic setting and Dune is perfect for just that. The manilla clam stir fry was so delicious I was really impressed by the flavor composition it?s the unsung hero of that menu for sure and the swordfish was also very well done with a braised artichoke that really spoke to me.

Sundays are restorative for me so the morning started off with a yoga class at the Yoga room which is the best spot on the island to get your vinyasa on. I ran my 10 miler (I?m running the Hamptons half marathon in September) then Reggie and I enjoyed one last incredible meal together at the Summer House bistro. They too have a legendary Calamari and when you get the cobb salad they will ask you if you want chilled shrimp versus grilled (as in jumbo shrimp cocktail shrimp..YASSSSSS queen) which I always do. I normally see Seals when I am on the beach in Siasconset but this time I did not. ?Sconset is a magical village of Nantucket personally my favorite. Sunday was warm and Sunny for most of the day so we lunched and hit the beach to soak up some Vitamin D for our last hours on the island. if you haven?t been to Nantucket you really need to go to Galley beach & Sconset beach they are my favorites. Jetties and surfside and childrens beach are perfect for kids. But when I am with my girls and gays it?s always all about Galley & Sconset. Galley & Sconset are sexy & chic with incredible menus and people watching. After lunch and beach fun we left the Summer House we went back into town to test drive the Tesla X. I?ve had mixed feelings regarding the Tesla and have questioned how faddy they are but the X definitely convinced me that Tesla can play in the big leagues and truly compete in the luxury car space. I felt the same G force that I feel when I?m driving a Ferrari so okay Tesla  you?ve got my attention. After Tesla racing we hit up ICE Nantucket?s new Ices and Gelato spot on the old wharf. The ices were delicious and the gelato authentic. We also chatted with the owner and creator of cocktail sneakers Susan Hassett at Skinny dip Nantucket a lifestyle boutique also located on the old wharf. I had to ask what they were the name piqued my interest. They are sneakers that can take you from the yoga studio to a luncheon and to car pool and throughout your day. Athleisure is here to stay people I liked some of the designs it?s definitely a cool concept. A completely woman run business down the women run and operated factory in China?.sick right? #Girlpower

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