5 Activities to Bond with Your Family

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Children grow up fast, and soon enough your children will start to get older, move out of the house, and eventually start to have families of their own. Therefore, it is no surprise that many parents want to find ways to make as many happy memories with their families as they can while their children are still at home. For some people, setting aside a few hours to spend as a family is a fairly achievable feat, but for others, finding the time to do things as a family can be difficult. It is especially true if you and your partner both work, or have very busy schedules which can be hard to synchronize well enough to spend time together, and for single parents, the challenge can be even greater.


However, there is no need to panic! There are lots of different ways that you can fit in some quality time with your family; you just need to find whatever activities and plans will work best for you! So, if you are long for some advice on how to maintain a close bond with your family, then here are five activity ideas which you might find useful.

Eat dinner together

It may seem like a really basic idea, but one of the most important things you can do as a family is to eat your meals together. Everyone needs their evening meal, so it provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to convene in one place, and enjoy the time to be in one another’s company. For babies and toddlers, this time is less about the riveting conversation, and more about knowing that they are surrounded by all of their family, and feel loved. For young children and older, this is your chance to really check in with them, how they are feeling, and what is going on in their lives. Try and operate a no phone rule during this family time, so that you can truly make the most of the chance to talk. To stretch out the time you have with your children, you can always find ways to involve them in preparing the meals too.

Books and Films

You don’t need to find big, extravagant activities to do as a family to enjoy spending time together, as sometimes the smallest things are the most memorable. If you ask a group of adults today about the television programs, films and books that they liked as a child, many of them will be able to tell you their favorites, and why it is so special to them. If you want to be a part of as many happy memories in your children’s lives as you can, then that includes the small things such as their favorite film or book. You can make it a daily, or weekly, family tradition to sit down together and watch a film, or even a short program with one another, where everyone alternates choosing what to watch.

This tradition will become an important factor in your children’s lives, something they can look forward to doing, as even as even if they have had a bad day and they aren’t in the mood to talk, they’ll still get the chance to be comforted by the presence of their family. Reading to children is also really good for their development, and will help them hone their literacy skills when they get older. If you can find the time to read a few pages to them at night before they go to sleep, this is an activity which will not only create treasured memories but will also promote important skills within your children, which will last a lifetime.

Create projects together

Family projects can be a great way to make memories with one another, as well as to build communication and creative skills in your children. There are lots of different projects you can work on with one another, from growing things in the garden to making a scrapbook of photos and drawings together. As many children like to go digital nowadays, then similarly to a scrapbook, you could work on a video project together, collecting clips and footage at family outings and events, and then helping your children to edit the videos, so that you’ll all have something amazing to look back on. Something like a video project is a fun task which doesn’t have to cost a lot, because you can get things like free editing apps, or royalty free music for videos, which makes the process a lot cheaper. Ask your children what sort of activities they would like to do, as they will really appreciate you considering their interests, and then get stuck in.

Get out and about

While there is nothing wrong with doing activities inside the house, being out in nature is incredibly good for stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as being healthy for the body physically. When they get older, children will cherish the days out as a family, where they recall being taken to the park to play on the swings, or going out for a relaxing picnic in the sun, playing games and laughing with one another. Wherever in the world you take your children, that place will hold special memories for them, no matter what age you are, so the more places you can go with your children, either locally or even abroad, the more the world will remind them of you

Family game nights

Game nights are a fun tradition which will get your children laughing and engaging with you in no time. Plus, as a bonus, games are a great way to teach your children sportsmanlike behaviors, as well as good communication skills and problem-solving abilities. There are lots of fun games you can play at home, from card and board games to charades and more. Alternatively, you could venture out of the house and play outdoor sports, or go to a bowling alley with your family. Try lots of different things, and eventually, you will find the activity which you all love doing together the most.

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