7 Reasons Why Jay Diamondz Is The New Pop Star You Need In Your Life

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Pop stars…they’re a dime a dozen. Everywhere you look, there are people who want to record a new single, get noticed by the glitterati, and get a record deal. Most pop stars are also very unoriginal. They look the same, talk the same, have similar music, and just really don’t have a stage presence all their own.

Jay Diamondz, while he is an indie pop star, isn’t your average pop artist by any means of the word. Cited as one of the hottest new breakout artists of 2018 by New Theory, Jay Diamondz offers listeners (and viewers) more than many mainstream pop artists out there.

Don’t believe it? Here are seven good reasons why you need to check out his work, and why you’re going to fall in love with this Washington DC-based artist’s music.

1) He’s got a style all his own. Jay Diamondz is not the type of pop star who fits into a box. His wardrobe, hair style, and overall vibe is one of a club kid with a glam rocker edge. If you’re tired of seeing male pop stars that all look like Backstreet Boy wannabes, he’s the scene-saving hero you’ve been waiting for.
2) He’s real. If you ever watched New Theory’s podcast interview with him, you’ll realize that Jay Diamondz is not manufactured. He’s not corporate. He’s a real, living, breathing person who is inspired and loves to make his own music. In the pop scene, that’s virtually unheard of.
3) Music is the reason that he’s decided to become a pop star. Though fame and pop stardom definitely go hand in hand, it’s clear that music is Jay’s first passion. You can hear it in his voice, his interviews, and his music’s sound.
4) His music is danceable and uplifting. If you check out his releases, you will get the urge to dance. Even if you’re not a “dance-y” type of person, you will want to get up and move. That’s what pop music is supposed to be about, and Jay Diamondz definitely delivers that old school dance-worthy vibe.
5) Though his music is catchy and uplifting, it can also have some seriously powerful messages underneath. His first single, “Shining Bodies” is a great example of this. There’s a lot of subtle hints about wanting to find love in a club, but feeling alone in a crowd while hoping that one special person notices them. It’s a relatable, yet powerful song.
6) It’s hard not to feel cool while listening to his music. One thing we’re digging about Jay Diamondz is his effortlessly cool vibe—and the fact that it seems to be contagious through his music. If you feel like a geek, listening to “Shining Bodies” or any of his other tracks will lift you up and make you feel awesome.
7) Someone needed to shake up the pop scene, and Jay Diamondz is the right man for the job. In a scene full of bubblegum, cookie cutter performers, Jay Diamondz is a groundbreaker. Pop needed to be shaken up, desperately. If you check out his music or see him perform, you’ll understand why Jay Diamondz is the one who will be most likely to do it.


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