8 Common Things You Take for Granted Everyday

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Have you ever taken a step back and thought about how lucky you are to have the life you live? In a first-world country it’s hard to gain that perspective if you’ve never experienced a different way than what it is right now. But every so often it’s good to take a step back, count your blessings and actively think about the everyday items in your life you take for granted to help you stop stressing about the little things. Here are seven common things that’ll give you some perspective the next time you want to complain about why you can’t get a reso for brunch.

Hot Water

Ever take an ice-cold shower in another country? Not only is it a cold shock physically, but mentally it reminds you of the fact that hot water running through your pipes is something you always expect. But, it’s not available just anywhere. In many third world countries, the source of heated water is scarce, and locals just get used to it. So, next time you hop in your nice hot shower for an exponential amount of time, just remember how cold things could get.

The Internet

Today fast internet service is so readily available anywhere you go. Remember the days of dial-up? Or even better, no internet at all? Internet has truly transformed the way we live. Instant connection to people and access to information has made living exponentially more convenient when doing our day-to-day grind. Our work productivity has become more advanced than ever before, and we’re able to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively because of the internet. Additionally, we’ve been able to expand our minds and gain a sense of transparency for the matters we care about due to the ability to look up just about anything.  Last but certainly not least, the internet has made entertainment wildly entertaining—giving us the ability to stream everything from the news to our guilty pleasures.


Tagging on to the theme of internet, having a smartphone has become the norm. It used to be just the early adaptors but now every age range and demographic around you, including your grandparents is using smartphones. And when was the last time you saw or used a payphone? The emergence of smartphones has made life on-the-go a completely realistic task. We can do just about anything through our apps – work, working out, dating and ordering food, all because of our mobile smart devices.


The conversation happening today is, “how can I get the cheapest flight?” or “where is my Uber?” But just think about how methods of transportation have truly expanded in the past half century. The fact that you have so many options of which flight to take is big, in and of itself. This is a spectacle of an invention, yet because we’ve had it in our lives for so long, it’s not about “if” the plane will fly but “when” it will take us. The rise of rideshare has also made life a bit easier. Even if you have no means of transportation, there’s someone out there willing to give you a ride, usually for a comparably small fee next to public transportation or driving yourself. The possibilities of traveling in different forms of transportation keep coming.

Leisure Activities

The fact that you have time to decide what you’re going to do for the weekend or for the night is a privilege in and of itself. You’re not just living to work but you’re working to live, and the job you have is allowing you to pay for all the leisure activities you might participate in. Think about those who can’t afford to take off work or have extra spending money to enjoy all that life has to offer. It’ll help you cherish every leisure moment you have and be grateful for what you’ve got.


Online shopping really has paved the way to a new way of life. The fact that you can use Amazon Prime to order something for same-day for delivery, speaks to the leaps and bounds that have happen within technology and execution of services. With e-Commerce, you’re able to find whatever your heart desires via the internet and buy it immediately without having to step out of the house. From clothing to groceries to appliances—your necessities are just a click away.

Credit Cards

Some might disagree that credit cards are a positive thing you use every day but it’s easy to agree that it’s a fascinating concept that has allowed us to put down payments within the blink of an eye. It’s instant cash at its finest. Credit cards have given us the ability to make large purchases which we intend to pay back but just not at the moment. The concept is kind of abstract to think about but it is something allows us to make daily purchases, a convenience that can be taken for granted.

The everyday items and technologies we take for granted should not be taken for granted anymore. When you take a moment to think about how truly fascinating these things are, it allows you to appreciate and value them more in your life. You’ll take advantage of these privileges and make the most out of what’s available to you every day.



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