Best selfie backdrops: 7 places you can get a great selfie in New York City

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New York City is a beautiful place to be. Being the most populous city in the United States of America. With a population of over 8 million people and a land mass of about 302.6 square miles, New York City still harbors one of the most beautiful places on earth that made people, tourists especially, flock in the thousands to have a memorable image to behold from the megacity. Below are 7 best selfie backdrops in New York City :

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This is nicknamed “one of the best-kept secrets ” in the United States. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a stylish residential area adorned with elegant brownstones. The uniqueness of this selfie shrine lays in its tree-lined promenade along the East River with an unrivaled view of the Statue of Liberty.

Central Park Rowboat

With the best tree-scape, the whole of New York has to offer; Central Park offers tourists the best selfie shots with the widest variety of colors.  To have the best selfie shot,  try using a kayak to get the best view.

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One World Observatory

The chances you get the view of the Empire State Building is 100%. A well-positioned selfie shot in the One World Observatory is nothing less than stunning. For the best selfie shots, we suggest you wait till sunset and stick to the southern view for the best outcome.

The Statue of Liberty

With a Liberty Cruise any tourist will forever remain grateful for this particular shot.  After a snap with this structure, you have to worry less why almost every New Yorker has visited this very site. For best selfie, we recommend snapping during noon or sunny day and don’t forget to take your sunglasses along.

Times Square

Who doesn’t like the glittering, beautiful lighting serenity of the Times Square.  The time gives every selfie shot that Galaxy – like look especially when it is done at night. But we still have to recommend you stay at least 5 feet away from any costumed figures.

Washington Square Arch

The square’s Arch is an 18th-century structure; it has served as a popular hangout in the popular Washington Square Park. This structure is one of NYC’s coolest architectural features and it has become a selfie ritual for any first-time visitors.  The square’s Arch has got its uniqueness too. It is said that a car hasn’t driven through it since 1958. Recommended: any view at the Washington Square Arch is suitable.

The Brooklyn Bridge

This is my favorite and the most famous bridge in the world. The grid – Line Bridge is arguably the best bridge to take a selfie. For the best shot, we recommend taking it between 11 a. ma and 2 pm.


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