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Four Fashion tips on Plus Size Clothing and where to buy it

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Many women want fashion tips on plus size clothing and where to buy it. Plus size fashions must celebrate the wearer’s beautiful curves and offer proper fit to the body. If you’ve got a growing sense for wanderlust as the days grow longer, find perfect clothes to start your adventure! Consider these trends before you pack:

Embrace color!

Plus size women–sizes 12 to 28–crave fashion. There’s no better way to express love of life than wearing artful fashions in colors that make you feel great. Yes, other people notice colorful, gorgeous fashions, but the mood-boosting effect of color is also fashion-forward. Wear any deep or bright ‘monochrome’ color or select prints that reflect an artist’s brush. Whatever your choice, wearing somber dark colors is someone else’s unfashionable rule.

Take a dip in cool, aquamarine waters!

Ah, the pleasures of wearing a swimsuit in the summer or on a winter holiday are incomparable. The freedom to expose skin to the sun’s rays (and perhaps take a light tan) is thrilling!

Women of any size want to purchase body-enhancing and figure-celebrating swimwear. The key to success is identifying those shopping outlets with the range of styles you’ll love to wear. Find swimwear fit for a goddess–including celeb swim line–and elegant plus size fashion at ZAFUL.

City fashion and jeans for wherever wanderlust guides you.

When on holiday or travel for work, spending time in a city (whether your own or another in an exotic, faraway place) requires comfortable and chic fashion. Travel to Osaka, Japan inspires a different look than a trip to São Paulo or Marrachech.

Think about finding the perfect pair of jeans for your next city adventure. Like the ideal swimsuit and swimwear, your jeans dress up or down while you travel with maximum comfort and flair. The most important fashion tips regarding buying the best pair of jeans are: buy only a pair of jeans if they fit like second skin. They need not fit too tight, but the jeans must match the hip, backside and thigh contours.

Some designers make jeans for your body. The goal of elegant plus size fashion is achieved almost effortlessly with jeans that appear custom designed for you. Your only requirement is to buy, wear and enjoy an incredible pair of jeans. Or perhaps several pairs of incredible jeans. Don’t skimp on this fashion basic!

Head for the hills.

The best plus size clothing takes you anywhere, with incredible fit, fashion and style. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you know that not all hiking wear is created equal. The small design details–and the right fit–make you look great while trekking mountain paths or on safari. As anyone with a passion for outdoors knows, the right designer considers form and function.

Where the designer positions pockets or zippers matters. The fabrications of your sports clothes must be soft, fast-dry and durable. Heading for the hills can require packing light. Buy sports clothes that keep you focused on having fun, not those that ride up, fall down, pinch or bind. Buy a perfect pair of hiking shorts in multiple colors to satisfy your urge for a sporty splurge. Inspiring design details, completely figure-flattering styles and clothes perfect for the reason are the reasons you’ll love elegant plus size fashion.


Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs. She is passionate writer, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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