How to Dress Athletic Body Types with Confidence

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If you’ve ever looked at a fashion magazine, you probably noticed a lot of the body types looked the same. Tall and skinny might be what’s trendy in fashion, but it’s not the only body type! Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and athletic body types are no exception! Actually, athletic body types are sometimes the most desirable. Being lean, muscular, and thin opens you to a world of fashion possibilities!

It’s important to remember that all body types struggle with a lack of confidence sometimes. Athletic body types are no exception! You might struggle with your muscular legs, lean shoulders, or feeling like your body is too rectangular. This is normal and nothing to be ashamed of! This guide will help you be proud of your athletic, strong body by showing you the best things to wear to show off your stunning shape! Let’s talk about must-dos and must-don’ts for your body type!

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Do You Have an Athletic Body Shape?

A lot of women wear ill-fitting clothes because they simply aren’t aware of their actual body type. Let’s break down what it actually means to have an athletic body shape so you’ll know if this guide is for you! You can think of athletic body types as a rectangular shape. While some women are pears or hourglasses, your body seems to lack this same shape and make up for it in lean muscle. Here are some common characteristics of athletic figures:

  • Your bust, waist, and hips are all a similar size, creating a straight line toroso effect
  • Your shoulders align in a straight line
  • You have limited definition in your waist
  • Your body is solid looking and you carry your weight evenly

If you have an athletic body shape, don’t fret! This is actually one of the easiest shapes to style! You’ll feel confident in your body in no time with a few simple tricks!

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Creating Curves

One of the biggest complaints of women with rectangular body shapes is feeling they don’t have enough curves. Luckily, it’s easy to create the illusion of curves with the right style. This is done by defining your waste and creating the illusion of top and bottom curves to create an hourglass silhouette. You can wear wrap around dresses, belts, and other clothing that emphasizes your waistline.

If you feel comfortable wearing cropped clothing, a cropped top with high-waisted pants can give a great illusion of a thin waist. When choosing patterns, opt for something that is horizontal rather than vertical to defeat the boxy image. You should feel free to wear anything tailored and fitted to your body! It’s all about adding shape!

Avoid the Dreaded Box!

One of the biggest mistakes of women with boxy figures is choosing clothing that accentuates this! While the thin models on Instagram might look great in those boxy dresses, shapeless clothing is not your friend. Avoid anything boxy like double breasted jackets or coats. Some trendy dresses today hang in a straight line, but these will only exaggerate your body shape. Along with this, avoid cropped pants that add more lines or straight skirts that don’t show off your waist.

Ultimately, your goal is to avoid the box! It’s easier than you think! Most fashion is designed to show off feminine figures, so you should have no problem finding great clothes that look fabulous on your form!

Style Ideas

While style is all about how you feel and what you love, sometimes it helps to have some go-to style tips! Here are some outfit and style ideas to inspire your search for the perfect clothes for your body type! When you’re in a rut, choose one of these classics!

  • Mix Flowy with Form-Fitted

Because your body type doesn’t have a lot of natural shape, you can create an illusion of shape with flowy styles. A flowy top looks great when paired with tight jeans or leggings! Likewise, a tight top or blouse is the perfect complement to a flowing skirt with some great shape!

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  • Classic Jeans & T-Shirt

Nothing beats jeans and a t-shirt! Go with a high-quality shirt from and pair it with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans! Boyfriend jeans or other jeans with flair help create the illusion of form in your lower half. Add another element of style with some distressed denim and you’re ready to go!

  • Night Out with a Bodysuit

Bodysuits are flattering for all body types, big or small! Take the attention away from your shoulders with a halter top while adding a hourglass figure! Pair your bodysuit with your favorite jeans or a pencil skirt. Go high-waisted with your skirts and jeans to create a thinner waistline!

Embrace your beautiful shape with these fashion tips! As an athletic woman, you can take on the world with your strong form! You have nothing to hide, so go on and embrace the best of your body!



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