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How to Impress a Girl With Your Fashion

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Nothing catches the eye of a woman more than a well-dressed man does. It is not a secret: clothes impress everyone, including women. It is not a bad idea to set a goal of dressing to impress in order to elevate your style game. In fact, dressing better improves your life overall in terms of your image, professionalism, and personability.

Your personal style is something you need to invest in with time, effort, and some money. Taste varies, so go for a style you naturally gravitate toward and turn it up a notch. For all the fellas out there who are in need of some guidance, here are some fashion hacks that you can try to impress girls.

Invest in Suits

Some women definitely love seeing men in suits, but it is not the only reason you should get a set or two. They look professional, and they make any man look better, stronger, and even taller. Although they do involve a lot more effort compared to just a simple shirt and jeans, the difference in the confidence when you wear it is worth it.

When you are confident, you attract a lot of positivity in life, and a well-fitted suit will help you pave your way to get there. You should have a good suit or two and not because it is required for work. It will come in handy in social events for work or last-minute invites to events like weddings and graduations.

Get Nice Shoes

Having nice shoes means having the outfit-appropriate ones like for suits, for the night out of town, for lounging, and more. A man often gets judged by his looks alone, so give them something to stare at on top of your impressive wardrobe.

Good pairs of shoes really matter in personal style because they reflect your taste, a hint of your personality, and what your overall aesthetic is like. Invest in at least two pairs, and you will see the difference in quality and longevity, which will benefit you in the long run.

Up Your Bag Game

Just like women, men also need bags and just one that functions for everything. If you are guilty of that, it’s time to step up your bag game. If you are looking for something easy to start with, go for something leather like vintage messenger bags. They look good no matter what outfit, and they carry a lot of stuff in them.

If you already have leather varieties and are looking for something more innovative and stylish, consider getting a carbon fiber bag. They are expensive and can be considered investments, but they are worth every penny. Carbon fiber in itself is considered a luxury, and the reason it is becoming a mainstay material in everyday items is that it is incredibly strong but light, making it a good material for many things, including bags.

Upgrade Your Wallet

If you are upgrading your wardrobe and your look, your wallet should get the same treatment. A wallet should be treated like a shoe or a bag, you should take some time to find something that not only does its job but also excels in craftsmanship and quality. There are varieties of materials available, but nothing quite trumps the timelessness and personalized leather wallets.

Jackets and Blazers

Nothing elevates an outfit more than a good jacket or blazer does. If you’re feeling particularly dressed down in simple slacks and a casual shirt, add style and flair by putting on a classy jacket or a well-fitted blazer. A good jacket or blazer should have a cut and fit that emphasize your physique and show off your good points.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Fashion is always evolving, so don’t be afraid to break a rule or two when it comes to your personal style. As you’re consistently learning, you will soon realize that finding pieces that work for you will be easier as time goes on.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics because they are safe; it all boils down to how comfortable, at ease, and happy you are with what you wear, and that positive feeling will pretty much attract many things, events, and people, including women.

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